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And the Love Apartment CEO Zhang Jiaming met at about 8:30 A.M..

Time just arrived, a big boy carrying a large bag, wearing a black casual down jacket in a hurried out of the door, at first glance, thought he was still a college student. A vibrant face, it seems that there is a unique student era of simplicity. In fact, the 1979-born young man has been an entrepreneur with nearly 4 million users and two rounds of venture-capital websites.

Taiwan experiment

Zhang Jiaming himself felt that the previous entrepreneurial experience did not seem to have any particular legend. Also, as a graduate of the university after the start of the young, his experience is far less than the ups and downs.

Zhang Jiaming, a graduate of economics degree in Taiwan, and another alumni and pioneering partner, Lin Zhiming, participated in a school-run business simulation competition. The failure of the experience has stimulated the morale of young people, two young people's entrepreneurial passion was ignited.

In 2002, Zhang Jiaming and Lin Zhiming, who had just graduated from the university, found the high school classmate Shuyufan, Lin Dongqing, four people to friends and relatives Dongnuoxijie, pieced together the first venture fund 1 million NT dollars. When they saw the lack of an influential dating site in Taiwan, they decided to start a business as a breakthrough. But unexpectedly, own website just started to build, Chinese Taiwan Yahoo! has launched the dating website. Small companies are naturally hard to compete with big companies, so they decide to target a more fragmented market: 18-28-year-old young women, serving people with a certain consumption capacity.

Four young lads, not even girlfriends, are now designing websites for young women! In order to better understand this group of people, Zhang Jiaming in many office buildings to separate questionnaires, the color preferences of women, page design and other issues to investigate, Zhang Jiaming eventually positioning the site for young women to provide emotional communication network social platform, and named it "Love Apartment."

August 2003, "Love Apartment" website officially online, initially did not collect money from users. In order to save money, four young people, had eaten several months of soy sauce noodles, "Eat us are fast crazy." Forced, in early 2004, "Love Apartment" to try to change the business model, start charging. Users have also accepted the purchase of virtual avatar props, such as charging items. At present, the love apartment in the Taiwan area of China's users have reached more than 1 million.

A PhD candidate from the Department of Journalism at Taipei Cultural University has written tens of thousands of-word essays on the interpersonal interaction of virtual communities, taking a love apartment that has aroused widespread concern in the community.

Transplant to mainland China

At the beginning of 2005, due to accidental opportunity, Zhang Jiaming and Techventures VC general Manager and partner York Chan met. "Love apartments are more like a pure Internet company, relying on sales of virtual avatar props, Internet ads and so on, love apartments have substantial income." The most important point, it is not like many so-called internet companies in China, but rely on ringtones, SMS and other wireless value-added services to survive. "York Chan is very optimistic about the" love apartment. "Love apartments in Taiwan, China has been a period of incubation and successful operation, can be counted as a more mature site." ”

"Some of the young people in this entrepreneurial team are very honest and diligent, and that's one of the reasons we're moving," he said. "Deeply involved in the Love apartment project," said Huang, senior investment manager at Techventures Venture.

But China's Taiwan market is limited in size, so with the help of Techventures, in March 2005, Love Apartments in mainland China set up Shanghai Changqing Network Technology Co., Ltd., trying to operate in the mainland market "love apartment." As of November 2006, the mainland version of Love Apartment has a registered user more than 2.9 million, of which active users accounted for 1.2015 billion, each user's average PV (web browsing volume) value reached more than 30 pages. At present, the number of love apartment staff has increased to more than 60 people, including multinational companies working in the background of staff.

What does Web2.0 earn?

Landing a love apartment site is like walking into a building where girls are gathered. With pink as the main tone of the page design, concise and warm. Here you can build your own apartment, publish your apartment diary, photos, visit your neighbor's house, invite your friends to the door, and even live in a room with a boyfriend and girlfriend you like. If you think your apartment is not beautiful enough, you can also go to the Home Museum, Happy flower shop to buy favorite small objects, or to their own apartment to a large decoration.

"SNS and other Web2.0 Web site advertising model and the traditional Web1.0 advertising the biggest difference is that the former rely on the user's word of mouth, rather than the latter as the brand of the company's ads are invariably hung on the site." "Love apartment ads are mostly a separate activity program," with the current season. Once and love apartment cooperation brand manufacturers are: Nokia, ebay and so on.

According to Zhang Jiaming Introduction, this year, the Tanabata festival, ebay ebay and love apartment cooperation promotion, but also doubtful, very doubtful whether it can be in two months time to reach 3 million times click. The result unexpectedly, "20,067 overnight ebay ebay for your happiness to pay" activity just one months, from ebay statistics show that the click Rate has exceeded 2 million.

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