Love Code Room Crawler & Classification Module Project Assignment

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Project status

Crawler project is the last student left the project, they have achieved the basic function, and we are responsible for the improvement, the main problem is how to let the crawler out of crawling and stopping the cumbersome instructions, more intelligent. So our plan is based on the predecessors of the source code, to modify the test to improve the assembly of a series of work, so that the project to achieve a higher degree of completion.

Task Assignment

The assignment of a task is based on the role of the member, and because one member can assume multiple roles, the assignment is extended to each member as much as possible.

The first week, including PM, all the staff need to read and understand the existing source code, clear the process of thinking, the specific situation of the project and the progress of the task has been, modify/Add key notes. and assign different roles to study or research the knowledge and abilities required by the project, then organize the first meeting, share the results, and coordinate the progress.

In the second week, two major dev members were assigned to modify the code with annotations and meeting results, and the test members assisted a dev member to make changes to ensure logical correctness of the changes. After the modification is completed, assign two test members to the first phase of the modified code testing, this time the code must have a lot of bugs and defects, timely record. After the first phase of the Test record is completed, the organization holds a second meeting to analyze bugs and defects and discuss the development of solutions.

Third week, according to the results of the meeting, revise and assist the Code again, complete the second phase of the test, record bugs and defects, organize a third meeting, analyze bugs and defects, discuss the development of the solution. After two modifications, this time the program should be improved, two dev members to complete the code and assembly, two Test members to assist and complete the final test, to ensure that the code basic bug-free, operational efficiency can reach a satisfactory level, upload the final source.

In the four weeks, the organization held a summary meeting to consider the time feasibility of further improvement. If time allows, first back up the current code, and then try to further improve, if you can pass all the previous tests, to ensure the optimization of operational efficiency, upload the updated source code again, the task is completed.

Project tasks migrating to TFS

Love Code Room Crawler & Classification Module Project Assignment

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