Love in the Tanabata life calendar, you vindicate me to send flowers!

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Romantic Tanabata will be, you prepared a gift for your beloved ta it? Love will say it out loud! Your Heart will change to TA's sincerity, your confession let Ta hear, also let the whole world hear! Come to life calendar vindicate it, you vindicate, we will send flowers for you! The Life calendar makes your tanabata unusually romantic!

Activity Address:

The flower language of love

1, a generation of purple imported eternal flower box, Flower language: a lifetime. You are my life most loves the person, the most beautiful flower gives the most loves you!

2, Lavender eternal flower box, Flower language: Waiting for love. From the day I know you, I do not want to miss your every bit!

When you come to the confession, we send:

How do small partners participate in the activities of the beloved TA to vindicate it?

Download the installation Life calendar, click on the day of the festival calendar box, in the Activity column Click "Point I vindicate, free to send Flowers", in the microblogging sharing page to say your love, and @ your beloved TA, share to micro Bo. We will choose the most touching truth, in the Tanabata day will your confession and love of a generation of purple to your TA hands.

Activity time: July 21-August 2

Small partners to seize the time to vindicate yo! As long as you are sincere enough, this tanabata, life calendar will accompany you together!

Activity rules

1 Validity: July 21, 2014-August 2, 2014 (overdue cancellation is treated as waiver);

2) July 30, 2014 lottery draw and the list is announced;

3 Limited Sina Weibo users to participate in, an ID can be participated in a number of times, each share can participate in a lottery, sharing the more chances of winning the lottery;

4 After the user wins, the life Calendar official micro-blog will promptly announce the winner ID, DMS notify the winners, request the corresponding personal information. Please note and understand the participants in the event.

5 Note: Winning users in the notification date 5 days, not with the staff to get in touch, overdue award, the award set aside as a waiver of treatment;

6 share the content of the event, to micro-bo that has the opportunity to obtain rich prizes!

7 The final interpretation of the activities of the right to drive all life.

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