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View the hardware information that is currently running on the system.

Right-click Computer--Properties--Device Manager sees the following :

Some common hardware failures are:

Motherboard failure

"is not properly turned on, and occasional sudden power outages occur.

"Obviously chose to shut down the machine, but still can not shut down or restart, (motherboard short-circuit phenomenon)

CPU failure:

"No power

Memory failure: Common types (DDR2/DDR3)

The screen is not displayed and emits a "drip" sound that rings. (may be more memory dust, this school room common phenomenon, sometimes kicked a foot applauded, hehe)

Video card failure (integrated video card not easy to bad, generally bad is a discrete graphics card)

Screen is not displayed and a long two short warning tone is issued.

"Screen has a display, but a flower screen.

Hard drive Troubleshooting (the book has fallen or been hit by the books = =)

+ Fatal Failure

"Often requires a self-test drive when it's turned on, and it's a few hours or more than 10 hours to test. (This situation will change hard disk, it is possible to detect longer cup hot hot)

"Some files cannot be read, causing the crash

"This situation can only be replaced by hard drives.

Non-fatal fault

"Computer unresponsive

> Using the Chkdsk tool to check the logical bad path of your hard drive, it is useless to detect if your hard drive is really scratched.

> do a thorough disk fragment cleanup

entering Chkdsk on the win command line will begin to detect the file system. Finally, the following results are obtained:

Windows has checked the file system and determined that there is no problem.

USN The log verification is complete.

Windows checked the file system and determined that there is no problem.

Total 51097599 KB disk space.

135137 files are 32897536 KB .

27479 Index 90064 KB .

Bad sector 0 KB .

The system is using 317063 KB .

log file takes up 65536 KB .

on disk 17792936 KB available.

there are 4096 in each allocation unit bytes.

there are 12774399 on disk allocation unit.

There are 4448234 on the disk An allocation unit that is available.

chkdsk/f not only detects the bad path of the hard drive, but also forces the repair, because my computer is in use, it prompts you to detect the volume again the next time it starts.


the type of file system is NTFS .

The current drive cannot be locked.

Because the volume is being used by another process, it cannot be

Run Chkdsk .

Do you plan to check this volume the next time the system restarts? (y/n) Y

This volume will be checked the next time the system restarts.

The default detection detects only C if you want to detect D. disk or F Disk:

c:\users\lenovo>chkdsk D:

the type of file system is NTFS .

Warning! no F specified Parameters

run CHKDSK in read-only mode .

CHKDSK Validating files ( stage 1/3) ...

92672 file records have been processed .

The file check is complete.

A large file record has been processed .

The time of the test is longer ... and it's a lot more.

Can also be used graphically: Right-click-Computer--Properties

Detect and defragment disk before defragmenting

Installation of standalone hardware--drive

Brand computer can be official website

Assembly Machine Download "Drive Wizard"

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