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In multiple business systemsLun MappingOrLunMasking needsFCSwitchZoneThe function is used together to allow different hosts to access different volumes only.

Lun MappingAndLunMasking is a function of a storage device. It also needs to be completed in the management setting software or setting tool of the storage device.


LunMasking refersLunAnd hostHbACardWWNAddress bound to the hostHbACard to establish one-to-one or multiple-to-one connections and access relationships. Regardless of the host jumper to the sameFabric(NoneZoneThe host can recognize the same port.Lun. By default, a storage device establishes a multi-to-one correspondence between the volume and the host, that is, one host can access multiple volumes on the storage device.

In a non-shared application system, a one-to-many (volume) relationship is generally established between the volume and the host. workstations of different business types access differentLun. In a shared application system, multiple (host)-to-one (volume) relationships are generally used.

Lun Mapping

Lun MappingYesLunIt is bound to the host port of the storage device and can be accessed when the workstation connects to different host ports.LunDifferent.

When a storage system provides data storage services for multiple application systems, and the hosts of different application systems are in different geographic addresses, the second type may be used.Lun MappingMethod. Coming soonLunDifferent host ports are bound to different storage host ports.FCVswitch or differentZoneConnection, so that different workstations can only access different ports.

OneLun MappingCorrespondingLunAnd the storage host port to become a partition. Because the number of host ports on the storage device is certainLun MappingThe more partitions, the fewer host ports are stored in the partition. The smaller the redundant link connection function of the storage device, when only one host port can be set in a partition, the storage will lose the redundant link connection function, the whole system is prone to single point of failure due to the failure of the storage host port and switch port.

When the system does not haveFCWhen the host port of the host is directly connected to the storage deviceLun MappingImplementationLunPartitioning is very convenient. When all host ports are connected to the sameFabricAnd fcswitchZoneIt can be used together.

Different vendorsLunMasking andLun MappingThe definition and interpretation are not exactly the same. Some are even defined as a name, such as San share, and some storage simply does notLunMasking andLun MappingFunction.


FCSwitchZoneThe VLAN function is similar to the VLAN function on an Ethernet switch. It logically splits the devices (host and storage) connected to the San network into different regions, so that devices in different regions cannot communicate with each otherFCDirectly access the network to isolate devices in the network.

For example:

Assume that twoFCA vswitch is connected to a vswitch through a hierarchical connection.Fabric. The switch port in the red area belongsZone1. The green area belongsZone2. The blue area belongsZone3. The Orange area belongs to bothZone1 belongsZone3. White is the expanded port area and does not need to be definedZone.

In the twoFCComposed of vswitchesFabricMedium, any red areaZoneDevices in area 1 can access each other, but they cannot access devices in the green and blue regions. However, they can access devices in the orange regions, because orange also belongsZone1.

The blue area is similar to the red area.

Green AreaZoneDevices in area 2 can only access each other.

Devices in the orange area can access both devices in the red area and those in the wolf area, but cannot access devices in the green area.

Regardless of the complexity of the storage system structure, you can use the method of drawing.LunThe host port of the storage device, the relationship between the switch port and the workstation is clearly analyzed.

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