Lyphtesttest SQL of System session

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--Stop Session Select A.object, B.sid, b.serial# from SYS. V_$access A, SYS. V_$session b where a.type = ' PROCEDURE ' and (A.object like Upper ('%e_hoshitori% ') or a.object like lower ('%e_hoshito ri% ') and A.sid = B.sid and b.status = ' ACTIVE ';

--Stop session--alter system kill session ' 539,13863 ';

--All TABLE COL SELECT TAB. TABLE_NAME table physical name, tab_c.comments table name, COL. column_nameコラム physical name, col_c.commentsコラム name, COL.   column_id from User_tables TAB, user_tab_comments Tab_c, User_tab_columns COL, user_col_comments COL_C WHERE TAB. table_name = Tab_c.table_name and TAB. table_name = COL. TABLE_NAME and COL. table_name = Col_c.table_name and COL. COLUMN_NAME = Col_c.column_name and TAB. table_name not LIKE '%bak% '--bak TABLE and TAB. table_name not LIKE '%_20% '--bak TABLE and TAB. table_name ' view% '--view ORDER by Tab_c.comments, COL. column_id;

--? See all the use?

SELECT * from All_users; -------? See all the use?

SELECT * from User_users; --------? look at the current use?

--2.? What do you think of the role system? Limit:

SELECT * from User_sys_privs; --------? look at the current limit of use?

--3.? Look at the limits of what the character contains.

SELECT * from Role_sys_privs; -------

--4.? Look at the use?? Elephant limit

SELECT * from All_tab_privs; --------? See the operational table for use? SELECT * from User_tab_privs; --------? See the current table can be operated?

--5.? Look at the role or role

SELECT * from User_role_privs; ------? see the role of current use?

--? look at the table? Bundle conditions include: main? Outside? and index

SELECT * from user_constraints where table_name= '?    ‘; -----? See the bundle of a table?

Select Constraint_type,constraint_name,search_condition from all_constraints where Table_name= '? ‘;

SELECT * from User_cons_columns where table_name= '?   ‘; -----One of the bundles?

Select Index_name,index_type,status,blevel from user_indexes where table_name = '?   ‘; -----? See all indexes on a table

SELECT table_name, index_name, COLUMN_NAME, column_position from User_ind_columns WHERE table_name= '?    ‘; ----? look at the index?

Lyphtesttest SQL of System session

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