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Today, a user asked me if I could use Ctrl + R to quickly open programs/folders in windows. Is there any similar function in Mac? This article will introduce some of my general practices.

1. What is Ctrl + R in windows?

I'm going to start by explaining Ctrl + R. I hope you will not bother me ~. In Windows, the global hot key Ctrl + R can open the windows run program (run). Here you can run some programs by entering the "command, you can quickly open some files, folders, programs, web and FTP spaces. In my understanding, when you enter a character and press enter, it is equivalent to double-clicking a file under "system environment variable (PATH)" (the file name is the character you just entered) or execute common system functions (such as control panel and IIS ).

For example, if you input a notepad and you use the third-party software to replace notepad.exe under system32, it will open the third-party software you have replaced, such as WordPad, mspaint, and Calc. If you select to add environment variables when installing VC ++ 6.0, you can also enter msdev to run VC ++ 6.0, and Visual Studio. NET is "devenv ".

Of course, there are some program programs that are easy to find under system32. the extension name of the example is not .exe, such as control (control panel), gpedit. MSC (Group Policy), msconfig (system configuration), etc. Some "hide" commands, such as control userpasswords2.

In Windows XP and earlier Windows operating systems, this key is my favorite. Because many programs are installed on my computer, it is very time-consuming to start from "start-program.

In Windows Vista/Windows 7, the "Start" menu has an additional "Search" box. Vista/win7 has enhanced the "Index" mechanism to make search faster, therefore, pressing the win key (open the "Start" menu) and then directly entering the "command" may be more convenient and practical than the previous Ctrl + R. The "Search" can replace "run in most cases" in the Start menu, and get not only programs, but also other documents with similar or identical names, which is more intelligent, instead of in the path, you only need to in the index. More importantly, you do not need to memorize the "run" commands.


2. Spotlight In Mac

With the above "Preparation knowledge", let's get started with the subject. On Mac, you will use a "Search" alternative for Windows 7, named spotlight, located at the last side of the status bar. the icon isMagnifiers. Here, you should know what I want to say.

Because Mac OS is UNIX-based, the advanced file system makes spotlight faster than Windows 7's bloated indexes + search! The shortcut key is command + space. You can change it in the keyboard shortcuts preset by the system.


3. Quick "new"

You may often need to open multiple windows of a program. For example, you can open multiple Finder to facilitate comparison or drag and drop. When the tab is full, you need to open a new browser window, open a new terminal to run multiple programs. If you set the dock to "minimize all windows to application icons", it may be troublesome to execute the "new" operation, alternatively, you need to right-click the dock icon instead of clicking the new icon... ", when the dock right-click menu does not have a new sub-menu program (such as QQ for Mac), you may have to open this program and find new... under the File menu ..., what's worse is that QQ for Mac OS does not have a file menu...

The trick is to use the shortcut key "command + N"! It creates a new window for the currently activated program. Of course, it is also the shortcut key for most document applications to create a file.

One of the reasons that everyone may know is that using it can really work quickly, and the other is using it to quickly Open QQ in MAC systems. When I first started using Mac, I installed a QQ. I didn't know how to double-open it. I asked a friend. He said that only one QQ could be opened under apple, and I did not search for it online. Once I accidentally pressed command + N while logging on to QQ, I opened another QQ logon window. I was delighted to read the menu of QQ. There was indeed a "new QQ". Under the "QQ" main menu, I felt ashamed...


4. Can it be faster?

On Mac, I mainly focused on learning and work. I didn't have many large online games on Mac, And I installed 20 or more frequently-used software. At the moment, there is no need to debug other people's programs, and there is no need to worry about a lot of hacking tools. You don't have to worry about 360 guard or kill soft "security checks" and wait ...... Spotlight is fast enough. You can find it under the application under the dock (open the application and press the first letter of the program to quickly locate it.

There are several ways to make it faster to view and run programs: Put them in a "conspicuous" position (such as the dock, desktop, status bar, etc), use spotlight to quickly search, run the program in path in terminal without CD to this directory, remember and use common shortcut keys, multi-screen, etc.


5. Quick desktop display

I like the "display desktop" function in the lower right corner of win7 very much. In XP, I usually use win + R to minimize all windows to return to the desktop. When I first started using Apple, I didn't know how to get back to the desktop. I had to open a few more programs and webpages. I had to minimize or use spaces () to get back to the desktop ().

Now I am very keen on using expose. My black Apple uses a PS/2 keyboard. Sometimes the f key (F11 can display the desktop) does not work. Later, I set "Active Screen corners" in the lower right corner to desktop, when you need to display the desktop, you just need to drop the mouse to the bottom right corner and it will be OK ~! It is much faster than "Click bottom right corner" or win + R in win7!


6. Summary

In short, Mac OS enables you to focus on, learn, and work more efficiently, and use computers faster. You don't need to worry about Trojan viruses, disk sorting, system optimization, or other things that will not indulge you in online games ............ Enjoy the fun of Mac ~




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