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   The method of setting up Mac handoff function

On the Mac side, in addition to the main dock bar, you will see another dock bar and show the IOS device running. And in the IOS end of the lock screen interface you will see the lower left corner has an icon to display the Mac side of the current use of the application. Current compatible native applications include mail, memos, contacts, calendars, Safari, reminders, information, maps, Pages,numbers and Keynote. Developers can also add handoff functionality to their already completed applications. The following article will show you how to set up handoff and how to use it.

The Handoff compatible Mac has 2012 years after Imac,macbook Air,macbook Pro, or 2013 years of Mac Pro. iOS requires a device to run iOS 8, and Bluetooth needs to be turned on. Because handoff works through Bluetooth, the distance between devices is within 30 feet. In addition, all Apple devices are required to log on to the same ICloud account. Note that you want to know your device support handoff, you can click on the top left corner of the Apple logo to open "about this machine" under the overview of "system Report" found "Bluetooth", in the right box to find "LMP version", must be no less than "0x6" to use handoff.

After meeting the requirements for handoff use, let's make sure that handoff is enabled. Go to setup and select generic on the IOS device and click "handoff& recommended" to make sure that the feature is turned on. As for the Mac side, you need to turn on system preferences. Then make sure that handoff is allowed to work on this Mac.

So the handoff is set and turned on, and here's how to use it.

The memo (IOS end and Mac end) will now be used as an example to illustrate. Start by writing something on the memo on the IPad.

When I'm typing on the iPad, a separate dock bar appears on the Mac. The icon for the IPad memo is displayed in the new standalone dock bar. This proves that I am using the memo on the IPad. If you want to hide the dock bar, you can also hold down the Command and tab keys to exhale the application switch to see if I am using the memo application on the IPad.

Open the memo on your MAC and you'll see what you just wrote on your IPad memo.

Here's an example of a mail application, and I'll start writing emails on the IPhone 6 and do it on the IPad.

There are two places on the iPad that show I'm using mail apps. First of all, in the lower left-hand corner of the screen, the icon of the message will be displayed, like a shortcut to open the camera to enter the mail application. Another approach is to see that the mail application is being used by applying the toggle (multitask switching) interface.

In order for handoff to work, the first device you use must be a wake-up state and not locked. For example, if you are browsing a Web page on an ipad, handoff will not work if the ipad automatically locks the screen, unless you wake up the ipad and unlock it.

This Mac system handoff features and uses it to help you improve your productivity in some working scenarios.

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