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Mac notebook, which one? In the previous period, Apple has updated its 15-inch MacBook Pro, which means that the product line of the Apple notebook will not be much changed for a long time, so the friends who want to start the Apple computer can consider starting now. MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro Three series of six products which is the most suitable for their own, the next small series for everyone to bring shopping guide.

No matter what kind of use you have, now we no longer recommend you to buy a normal screen version of MacBook Pro 13, its hardware configuration is sufficient, but in line with electronic products to buy new not to buy the old principle, spend nearly 8000 yuan to buy a 2012 has been released products is not worth it.

The normal screen version of the MacBook Pro 13 has a screen resolution of only 1280x800, which is grossly inconsistent with the trend of the times and the style of Apple. The MacBook Pro 13 is equipped with the Intel third Daicouri, the IVB architecture product, as mentioned above, 2.5GHz dual-Core i5 performance is still adequate, but nearly 8000 yuan for the price you can choose a lighter and more durable MacBook Air.

So our attitude towards the normal screen MacBook Pro 13 is not recommended for anyone to buy. Next we will analyze the 12-inch new MacBook, 11 and 13-inch MacBook Air, 13 and 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro, and the "all MacBook Notebooks" that are mentioned below won't contain this normal screen version of the MacBook Pro.

No need to pursue the lightest and thinnest

We care about the size of the notebook, the weight is nothing more than to focus on its portability, first of all the data to the list, it is necessary to emphasize that the data on the difference in the number of ordinary consumers is not the impact.

On the data, the 12-inch MacBook portability is the best of the entire Apple notebook, but the 11-inch MacBook Air is no bigger than it is, and there is not much of a difference in size. A iPhone6 weight of 129 grams, compared to 13-inch MBA 11-inch MBA sank 2 iphone6,,13 inches rmbp than 13-inch MBA sank 2 iphone6,15-inch RMBP than 13 inches sank 3.5 units iPhone6.

In this comparison, even if you are fragile Meng sister, as long as you do not buy 15-inch RMBP, other notebooks can be considered frivolous. Do you mind if there are more than two iPhone6 in the backpack? For some boys, the 2 kg 15-inch MacBook Pro may not be heavy.

Our advice here is that it's not necessary to buy the lightest MacBook or the 11-inch MacBook air,13-inch MacBook Air and the 13-inch MacBook Pro for portability.

  Select processor based on actual requirements

The performance of the MacBook series is in direct proportion to the lightness of the paper mentioned, that is, the thinner the notebook is, the weaker it is, which is one of the reasons why we don't recommend the lightest MacBook.

This year's full range of MacBook products use four different positioning of the CPU, which is the biggest controversy is the new MacBook equipped with the core m cores. According to our previous tests, the MacBook has no problem dealing with mild entertainment or office needs, but it can be significantly longer to process data when the intensity of the task increases, so it is not recommended for users with high efficiency and performance to choose a new MacBook.

The two sizes of the MBA are used in the same processor, optional 4MB cache, 2.2GHz frequency, 3.2GHz-core dual-Core i7 processor i7-5650u, due to the large increase in the frequency, the i7 version of the MBA performance will be significantly improved, but only by the 15W of TDP, This upgrade does not necessarily satisfy users with higher performance requirements, so it is not recommended to upgrade to the i7 processor. But it is certain that the MBA is sufficient for most consumers who do not have special requirements.

The 13-inch RMBP has two processors for upgrades, namely 2.9GHz, 3.3GHz-i5-5287u and 3.1GHz-frequency, 3.4GHz-core-frequency, 4MB-cached i7-5557u processors. Three processor's maximum frequency gap is only 0.4GHz, the core frequency gap is only 0.3GHz, the actual use will not be too obvious differences, so the main frequency 2.7GHz default version is enough, no need to add money upgrades. Compared with the MBA processor, RMBP13 has a very high frequency, core graphics card specifications also have a larger increase, if you do not care about the extra 230 grams of weight, we tend to recommend this.

Finally to say the MacBook Pro 15 is the most powerful Apple notebook, in addition to 2.2GHz CPU, users can also choose the frequency of 2.5GHz, Rui-frequency 3.7GHz I7-4870HQ and 2.8GHz frequency, 4.0GHz Rui-frequency I7-4890HQ processor. If there is a very high CPU performance requirements, it is recommended to upgrade to the top of the I7-4890HQ processor, and the default 2.2GHz main frequency of the I7-4770HQ compared with a very large increase.

Special reminder: Both sizes of the MacBook Pro high-level version of the default use of a medium-class CPU, does not recommend the choice of 13-inch RMBP users upgrade to the i7 processor, performance is limited, rather than put the budget on memory and hard disk; 15-inch RMBP users depending on their needs to decide whether or not to upgrade, if your use of the scene requires a higher frequency, then the core frequency to 4.0GHz i7 processor is worth upgrading.

  Multi-core video card and not customizable

All Apple notebooks except the 15-inch MacBook Pro are equipped with core graphics, and the performance of core graphics increases as processor performance increases.

Five MacBook Core graphics cards are integrated in the processor, but the choice of upgrade processor when the core graphics card will not be upgraded, at most only a small increase in frequency, and these upgrades in the actual use of hard to feel, so you do not have to the choice of video card is entangled.

This section focuses on the AMD R9 m370x independent graphics used by the 15-inch high-version MacBook Pro, which has been confirmed by users as the R9 m370x is the 3-year-old HD 7770 vest on the desktop. According to Gpu-z's information, it uses 28nm manufacturing process, has 640 compute core, Core frequency 800MHz, Memory frequency 1125MHz, video memory bit width 128Bit, memory capacity 2GB GDDR5, video memory bandwidth 72gb/s. Single from the specification is not bad, roughly the equivalent of N card GTX 960M, the problem with this AMD graphics card is that it is far less energy than the latest Maxwell architecture GPU, it can be in the MacBook Pro full play we are not sure.

To be sure, this GPU has improved performance compared to the pre-upgraded GT 750M, and users who desperately need an apple laptop with a more robust GPU performance can opt for a highly-equipped MacBook Pro 15 with a standalone video card.

 Memory 8GB up Storage 256GB Best

We all know that Apple notebook hardware upgradeable options are very few, now only PCIe interface of the solid-state drive is pluggable, but there is no corresponding accessories can be purchased, so the memory and hard drive must be in the next single when the need to take into account.

Currently the new MacBook and 13-inch MacBook Pro memory are 8GB, 15-inch MacBook Pro default memory up to 16GB, two sizes of the MacBook Air 4GB, 4GB memory is absolutely not enough, recommended to upgrade to 8GB, If you need to consider upgrading the 13-inch MacBook Pro to 16GB, the principle of better memory is always the right one. Although it is not obvious that the speed of the machine is higher than the 8GB, the large memory will bring a better experience when you run n multiple programs at the same time.

Currently all MacBook notebooks are equipped with PCIe interface solid-state drives, the latest upgrade of the 15-inch MacBook Pro hard drive speed is up to 2gb/s, but the PCIe interface solid-state drive is fast enough, there is no need to just for faster speed of the hard drive to buy 15-inch MBP.

Compared with speed, we need to think more about the capacity of the hard disk, 128GB will certainly be a bit tight, if the machine has a second storage disk is fine, but as the only internal hard disk 128GB will soon be full, 512GB and 1TB The capacity of the version price is too expensive, so 256GB capacity is the most cost-effective choice , with a removable hard drive to use just fine.

Full line equipped with Force Touch pad keyboard feel a great difference

Since Apple has updated its 15-inch MacBook Pro, the full MacBook is equipped with the latest Force Touch trackpad, with five MacBook Variations on the trackpad experience.

The focus of this section is the difference in keyboard feel.

Apple's new MacBook uses a new butterfly-keyboard design, subject to the thin fuselage, its key performance is very bad, give a kind of feel like there is no, typing experience is not comfortable, if you need a long time to do a lot of text input work, then this notebook is definitely not your choice.

Similarly, the MacBook Air's lightweight fuselage makes its keyboard feel not a first-rate one, but is much better than a MacBook, at least not too tired for long periods of time.

The thicker MacBook Pro has a slightly longer keypad, which is supposed to be the best Apple notebook on the keyboard, but there is still a gap with the most impressive benchmarking product ThinkPad.

MacBook interface Tight other difference is not

In the interface of the link, the MacBook fiasco, the only usb-c interface for any normal user is very anti-human design, you can endure inserting a U disk have to switch wiring it?

The remaining four MacBook has two USB 3.0 interface, can meet the most users of the use of the demand (not enough to meet the only two, USB interface is not enough to use only the hub expansion); Although the MacBook Air is not equipped with an HDMI interface, it has a lightning 2 interface that expands the external display device; The 11-inch MacBook Air does not have an SD card reader, and users who need to use the SD card frequently do not recommend it.

  Endurance time and screen

The 13-inch MacBook Air is the most enduring notebook of any current notebook product, thanks to its just-in-good configuration and fuselage size, which has a low power consumption while the battery is large enough.

In addition to the MacBook Air, all of the MacBook notebooks are equipped with Retina retina-level displays. This is one of the reasons why many users do not buy MacBook Air, but if the MacBook Air is equipped with a Retina screen, it may be difficult to have a 12-hour endurance performance. If you are not very sensitive to 2 hours of endurance, we recommend buying a 13-inch MacBook Pro, and the Retina screen experience is excellent.

Price & Purchase Suggestions

The 13-inch MacBook Air is the most cost-effective model, with the longest duration and portability, and is ideal for friends who have low performance requirements and are sensitive to endurance.

The 12-inch MacBook is the last notebook we recommend buying, and it's less about performance than an MBA, and it's not as MBA13 as it is, and it's about the price of a 13-inch MacBook Pro. Its biggest advantage is its exquisite appearance and excellent portability, but as the beginning of this article says, if you don't buy 15-inch MacBook Pro, the other four portability gaps are not big.

13-inch MacBook Pro is our most recommended model, it has achieved a very good balance in performance, endurance, portability three dimensions, plus a Retina retina screen, a rich interface configuration, a new upgrade of the five generations of core processors, overall without any flaws.

The 15-inch MacBook Pro is a bit complicated and Apple has not upgraded the processor because of Intel's slow movement. Although the current CPU performance is sufficient, whether the Broadwell core has been released or the upcoming Skylake core in the power consumption and core graphics performance on the overall progress; this high-level MacBook Pro upgrades to AMD R9 m370x Independent Graphics, Although AMD can also compete with Nvidia on desktop graphics cards, but the strong technical power of Nvidia in notebooks is far from AMD, and Apple's use of the graphics card is AMD 3 years ago released the HD 7770 vest, so we are more inclined to this is an overly obvious product. If you're not in a hurry to buy a 15-inch Apple book or buy it back for a few years, we recommend that you continue to wait for a new version of the architecture processor and the standalone video card.

11-inch MacBook Air is not currently recommended for purchase. It is one of the most mediocre models in all MacBook products, competing directly with the 12-inch MacBook at the product level, and not much cheaper than MBA13 in terms of price. If you're cheap and want to buy an apple notebook for a taste, it's better to recommend a 13-inch MacBook Air.

From the regional price point of view, Hong Kong is undoubtedly the best choice, it is the most attractive price, we go to buy the lowest cost, we suggest that consumers go directly to Hong Kong to buy.

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