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Machine rental is provided by the data Center server, only one customer or the site through the use of the rental method. And by the China Telecom Shanghai Company Data Center for the customer management and maintenance. and customers easily enjoy a complete set of services from equipment, environment to maintenance. Machine rental means that users do not have to buy their own expensive server, just according to their own business needs, the requirements of the server hardware configuration. China Telecom Shanghai Company Data Center will provide users with the required server. The user can only pay the rental fee by the time. It has the characteristics of less upfront investment, low operating cost and simple operation.Machine RentalAnd the only difference between the host is the machine is someone else, others to rent the machine for you to use. Provide information services to users on the Internet. IDC is responsible for the server's basic hardware configuration and software installation, routine maintenance and troubleshooting server, so that the server can run properly! The whole machine is rented to choose the space domain name Network bar.
Easy start: Select machine Rental, so you can save the initial purchase of the server's large expenses and maintenance costs, and do not need to recruit professional staff for daily self-management.
Excellent comprehensive cost-effective: China Telecom Shanghai Company Data Center, the server equipment for well-known manufacturers at home and abroad products, excellent performance and reasonable price; if the lease period is longer and can receive the server, the cost is more advantageous.
Scalability: As your website's business traffic grows dramatically, our data centers can easily upgrade your software and hardware to keep your site running well, and you can avoid the cost of updating your equipment as it is frequently upgraded.
A variety of options: according to your needs to provide you with Intel, IBM, HP, COMPAQ, Dell and other well-known brands and different models of servers, and Linux, Windows NT, Windows2000, Solaris and many other operating systems to choose from.
Server stability issues: a server with low stability. Even if the configuration is higher. Faster, but the server is not stable, can not provide customers with a good experience, the consequences and losses are immeasurable.
Server scalability and upgrade issues: Now the network technology and hardware is changing, the development of the Internet determines the hardware needs of the server constantly to update and upgrade. Therefore, in the purchase server, the server upgrade space, become the webmaster must go to consider the problem. Only in the purchase of servers, considering the future for a period of time to upgrade the need, and can meet the requirements of the server is a cost-effective server.
Server rental Reasonable price/performance: Regardless of the purchase of any product, the user will very much value the product prices. Of course, a cent of the price of goods, high-end server price is more expensive, high-end server is good, but as the majority of the owners of this price is really "hurt." So the webmaster in the rental server, do not choose the most expensive, can only choose the most suitable for their own server to rent.

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Machine Server Leasing-public network

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