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In fact, notebook BIOS is relatively simple, unlike the desktop BIOS has so many rich adjustment options, Acer notebook BIOS is not the same, but if the processor, or the same platform, the difference will not be very large, today we will go into the 4750 bios to see.

First press the power button to display a large Acer logo

There is a line below the lower right corner and a progress bar showing self test progress ↑

According to the prompts F2 into the Bios,bios interface we call it is the label of a total of 5 labels, the first is the information, showing some basic hardware version of the notebook, serial number and other information, Jet Black is the serial number, each machine is different.

Here you can see this machine brand is Acer, model is Aspire 4750,CPU is I5 2410M clock 2.3GHz, hard drive is Hitachi 7k500 (This I change, the random Seagate has been diverted for his use), The BIOS version is 2.01, and the machine serial number and so on information, the page has no adjustable options, unless you modify the BIOS file and then brush in.

Press the arrow key to the right arrow → go to the next tab main

Here we can adjust the system date and time, →← Select need to adjust the item, ↑↓ +-Adjust

3, 42 lines show the system memory and video memory, my 6G and 1G;

The following is the graphic mode option, which is the tuning option for the video card

A total of two options is integrated, select this option to be masked alone, only set display work; Select swithable the dual graphics card automatically switches according to the application, which generally selects the default "Swithable"

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