Madman Collection CMS Whole station Big Diversion (GBK version) cracked version

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The software for the green cracked version, decompression run can be used! Thank you qq83554**** contributors!

software Download Instructions: The collection of the site is all green version, download after decompression can be used, the site download software are all free version, functionally and official version exactly the same.

written in the previous words: The use of any software has its own rules, madman collector is the same, in order to allow you to spend the least time familiar with the entire operation of the software process, we have specially produced a basic software configuration video tutorial, if you do not want to feel painful to explore, it is recommended that you spend a little to watch!

It is not difficult to buy a set of software, it is difficult to use this set of software! I believe that you are the most careful of the problem is not my software development spent a long time, with what developed, what price to sell, but the use of the software problem, whether it is really as we say, will use Word people can use this set of software! Please rest assured that the answer is YES! Please take a moment to download and watch this collection tutorial in any case before using the Madman collector, which will save you a lot of time to explore your own research!

"Imperial Website Management System" in English translated as "Empirecms", referred to as "Ecms", she is based on B/s structure, security , strong , stable and flexible website Management system.
Developed independently by the Empire development team, this system is a well-designed and efficient website solution for Linux/windows/unix and other environments. From the Empire News System version 1.0 to today's Imperial website Management system, her functions have been a number of leaps of innovation, making the site's erection and management become extremely easy!
She adopted the system model function: Users through this function can be directly in the background to expand and implement a variety of systems, such as products, real estate, supply and demand, and so on, and so on, the Imperial CMS is also known as the " Universal Station Tool "; template separation function: Completely separate the content from the interface, flexible label + User-defined label, so that it can achieve a variety of web page and style; column unlimited category; front desk all static: With strong access, powerful information gathering function, super advertising management function ...
Her different versions can meet the requirements from small traffic to high traffic, from individual to enterprise, to provide you with a new, fast and excellent website solution.

This post focuses on:

1, hands-on teach you how to set up our collection software

2, hands-on teaching webmaster how to publish articles

1, Imperial CMS Whole station collection Maintenance Wang (King of posts) big move (moving king) software settings

Software setup Step one

1, Maintenance King (Post King) big move (moving king) software settings are the same, we will maintain the King (post King) as an example to introduce software settings

Your website is GBK version of the software that runs the Standard Edition if your website is UTF8 encoded version run UTF8 version of the capture software

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Madman Collection CMS whole station Big Diversion (GBK version) cracked version

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