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Pop:Post Office protocoL it specifies how to connect a personal computer to an Internet mail server and the electronic protocol for downloading emails.

POP3:Simply pop, Lets you
Download email
From online accounts to your computerUsing email programs or email clients. For example, outlook.

Currently, almost all use the POP3 protocol. However, pop is the foundation. Only clients such as outlook can access accounts and download emails.

SMTP:Simple Mail Transfer prot: Col, Is the technology usedSend outEmail messages.

IMAP:Internet Message Access Protocol IMAP is a further POP3 protocol.

IMAP is generally considered superior to POP3 email protocol because it can selectively retrieve email messages or their parts and manage email in folders on the server.

  • Differences between pop, POP3, and IMAP:

Pop allows the email client to download emails from the server, but your operations on the email client (for example, mobile emails, marked as read) will not be reported to the server, for example: you have received three emails from the email client and moved them to other folders. These moves will not be reported to the server, that is, these emails on the mailbox server are not moved at the same time. However, IMAP is different. The operations on the email client are reported to the server. The operations you perform on the email (for example, mobile mail, mark as read ), emails on the server will also perform the corresponding action. That is to say, IMAP is "bidirectional. At the same time, IMAP can only download the subject of an email. Only when you really need it will you download all the content of the email.
POP3 also writes some operations on the mail client back to the server, but is limited, such as deleting emails.

In short,IMAPIt provides users with a more convenient and reliable experience.POP3Easier to lose or download the same email multiple times

  • Port used by each protocol (take mailbox 126 as an example)

  • Email client settings

To use IMAP and other protocols on the local mail client, you must enable the settings on the mail server.

For example, the 126 mailbox is enabled by default. If you need to modify the settings, go to the online 126 mailbox, go to settings, and click "Start POP3 Service" and "Start IMAP service ".

On the local mail client, you must select one of POP3 and IMAP. All emails are sent through SMTP.

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