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The popularization of enterprise mail system makes its important level in business management become more and more prominent. But with the continuous innovation of enterprise mailboxes, replacement, when the original mail system can not meet the development needs of enterprises, enterprises have to face the mail system two times choice-mailbox migration. In terms of cost, architecture and information management, there is great pressure on some SMEs.

The replacement system for the enterprise to use the low-end of the mail system, free mailbox or old version of the mail system, the function is simple, security, stability of the prevention of poor consciousness, unable to carry a large number of data caused by many problems. In many cases, in the premise of cost considerations, you can choose to build a mail gateway, the original mail system on the basis of the implementation of system integration, to solve the original mail system deficiencies. Mainly for the following issues:

Junk mail problem

Spam on the internet is mainly commercial advertising, political speech, malicious mail, worm mail and so on, if the enterprise does not have enough security measures to intercept such spam, not only the enterprise's network bandwidth and server resources, but also seriously affect the user's work, and even threaten the enterprise's information data security.

If there are too many spam messages in the enterprise's original mail system, enterprises can choose to set up a mail gateway in the old mail system, the implementation of spam interception, the face of spam technology with each passing day, if the gateway system of anti-spam technology can not be the same input and update product technology, will only become the garbage in the war of the buried goods. Turbogate as a domestic professional mail gateway, in the face of internet rampant spam, the use of self-developed nine-layer anti-spam engine, black and white list analysis, according to the characteristics of different spam comprehensive analysis of high accuracy, low manslaughter rate. So the enterprise set up Turbogate Mail gateway can avoid the risk of system replacement, to a certain extent, save business costs.

Virus Mail problem

Most free corporate mailboxes, or low-end messaging systems, have almost zero interception mechanisms for malicious viruses. As the main media of computer virus, e-mail is a fast and large-scale way of communication between enterprises and individuals. The virus, which is transmitted by e-mail, is targeted at the entire computer network, and thus its impact is far greater and more destructive than a single machine. Because of its fast propagation speed, wide range, destructive power, a PC virus can quickly infect with the network of many computers, when its attack, often caused the entire network paralysis, and network paralysis caused by the loss is often difficult to estimate.

For the small and medium-sized enterprises have long been plagued by spam, but the "inability" to switch the mail system, the construction of security professional and stable mail gateway is kingly. Turbogate Mail Gateway Built-in well-known open source antivirus engine, the mail virus has 99.9% kill ability, at the same time support embedded antivirus and gateway antivirus Automatic Timing update virus feature library, the virus message audit interception requirements are very strict.

Mail letter back Issue

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Why is my mail often rejected and returned? Many enterprise mailbox users reflect this problem, especially overseas mail, throw new, retreat letter from occurrence, and enterprise mailbox often bear the enterprise internal and external communication tasks, even the enterprise's strategic contract, research and development reports and other confidential elements, once the loss of the impact is very tragic.

The Turbogate Mail Gateway provides DKIM functionality that, when configured with this feature, adds an encrypted digital flag to each e-mail message when it is sent to support a comparison between the receiver and the records in the legitimate Internet address database. Due to the large mailbox system will be DKIM verification of the collection, so configure this function, can greatly improve the customer to send mail to a large mailbox system success rate, and completely solve the mail back letter, lost the letter problem.

Issue of sending and receiving overseas mails

The company's external e-mail often failed to send, the delay of the letter is more common, even after the issue is not a bit of sound trace. This not only delays the company's business progress, loss of customers and funds, but also virtually increased the company's information security risks. Thus, the security of sending and receiving overseas mail is another big puzzle of enterprise mail system.

In the process of overseas mail communication, the main factor that is blocked is IP being pulled into blacklist. International anti-spam organizations will be the IP address of each letter to be strictly monitored, once the IP address blacklisted will be blocked, business normal mail will be intercepted. Turbogate Mail Gateway in all parts of the world to set up a relay server, forming a high-level mail transit network to ensure that the mail system users of international mail to send and receive the normal fast.

Mail archiving issues

From the internal management of enterprises, mail archiving can achieve synchronous mail backup, mail data security management so that users can quickly query the mail history, fast and convenient. In terms of external requirements, data security archiving becomes an inevitable trend. With the increasingly clear trend of e-mail as a forensic evidence, this means that companies must manage and retain all of their e-mail messages to meet future e-mail query requirements, which is likely to pose a significant risk to the enterprise.

Whether from the internal or external environment, the establishment of mail archiving system, are the inevitable trend of future development of enterprises, more and more enterprises gradually pay attention to this area. Turbogate Mail Gateway Mail Archiving function, can realize all incoming and outgoing mail automatic backup archive, even if the user performs the thorough deletion, the mail still has been backed up, still can easily retrieve. More importantly, the mail archiving function integrated into the Turbogate Mail gateway, saving enterprise costs while also reducing the server pressure.

If your enterprise mailbox is facing the above problems, you can consider building a turbogate mail gateway, eliminating the cost of building a mail system, more cost-effective!

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