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I haven't been playing this game for a long time. Some questions are too boring to answer first. You may as well guess it first :)


1 ~~ Two people go to the beach to play ~ Suddenly swept away by a wave of waves ~ The name of the person who was taken away is James ~ What is the name of the other person?
2 ~~ What is a transparent sword?
3 ~~ A little white cat fell into the river, and a little black cat saved it ~ Excuse me: what is the first sentence after the Tom hat goes ashore?
4 ~~ Is the sun a rooster or a rooster a sun?
5 ~~ Five mature steaks meet eight mature steaks. Why don't they say hello?
6 ~~ What is the difference between a person falling down from the fourth floor and falling down from the fourth floor?
7 ~~ Chocolate and tomato fights ~ Chocolate wins ~ Why?
8 ~~ A shark eats a Mung Bean ~~ What will it become?
9 ~~ Why are the silkworms rich?
10 ~ Many things will have a variety of flavors for cooking... So cooking has always been very exquisite.
But... the opposite... there is something. It will become more fragrant when ice is used. What is it?
11 ~ How to make a drink larger?
12 ~ A fat man fell down from the 12th floor and died. What has it changed?
13 ~ A white horse is called a white horse, a black horse is called a black horse, and a black and white horse is called a zebra. What is a black, white, and red horse?

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