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Business elite often for customers PowerPoint presentation, but "trapeze" they do not have time to use computer to make a PowerPoint presentation, how to do? At this time the ipad such mobile terminals become the best Office tool, and to the ipad to make a PowerPoint presentation, can be achieved through the WPS Office, Here's how to share your PowerPoint presentation on the ipad.

The author of the trial found that the recent upgrade of the iOS version of WPS Office not only added new PPT document features, and support the setting of text, paragraph, object properties and insert pictures and other functions to facilitate users to quickly create a PowerPoint presentation. After you run WPS Office, you can create a PowerPoint blank document after you select "new" in the point main interface and choose "Blank Demo."

Next, we will complete the presentation of the PPT step-by-step, first set the title and subtitle of the first slide, double-click the text box and enter the content, then select the Text or text box, then go to "settings", as required to the text, paragraph style and attributes, such as text size and color; text box background and border style, and so on.

It is worth mentioning that because WPS Office supports multi-touch, it is possible to zoom the page when you edit the ppt slide, just by zooming the finger on the screen, and by touching the text box position and resizing the text box to complete the "+" icon in the lower-right corner of the interface. Then choose a new slide to continue with your PowerPoint presentation.

To meet the needs of iOS platform users, WPS Office has 8 slide-editing templates built into it, such as plain text slides, pure picture slides, and illustrated slides, which users can choose according to their actual needs. Take an illustrated slide as an example, select the previous method to enter the title and body content, and style the settings.

Insert a picture in the slide, just click the picture frame, then pop the Insert menu, select the prepared picture, and then edit the picture after inserting, such as adjusting the position and size of the picture. Because the iOS version of WPS is designed for multi-touch screens, the Office experience on the computer is as easy to implement as in WPS Office.

When we're done with this slide, if we need to make more PowerPoint slides, just keep clicking on the "+" icon in the lower-right corner and select the template you want to make it. If you are not satisfied with the selected slide template, double-click the template preview below the interface, select Delete and replace the new template, and then you can continue to edit the content.

When you have finished editing all the ppt slides, click the Save icon, and then save it to the ipad for later use. Of course, if your ipad is on 3G or WiFi, you can also share it with your customers by email. With WPS Office,ipad users only more than 10 minutes to complete the PPT presentation, really mobile business tool.

Summary: Business elite often have to make PPT, but because of business travel is not convenient to use computer to make, and with the help of WPS Office software, business elite can make PPT on the ipad, in the terminal, plane and even taxis, can be anywhere to make their own PowerPoint presentation, So that you can win the initiative in any business negotiations!

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