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Homemade WPS can easily be inserted into the printing application of the increasingly extensive bar code, but if you do not have to install WPS on the machine but also urgently need to make a few barcode printing how to do? In fact, today we commonly used Word 2007 can completely solve this urgent problem. The specific methods are as follows:

In PowerPoint 2007, click the Office Button/powerpoint option in the upper-left corner to confirm the exit in the frequently used items in the Open PowerPoint Options dialog box when the Ribbon Display Development Tools tab item is checked.

Click the Developer tab, click the Old Tool button in the control group, and click the other control buttons in the lower-right corner of the old form that pops up. Then locate and select the Microsoft Barcode Control 9.0 items in the other Open Controls dialog box to determine the point.

Right-click the inserted barcode, left-select Properties, click Value in the Properties dialog box, and then in the next side of the box can be heavy to enter the bar code number, enter the completion of the Properties dialog box, but the inserted bar code does not directly display as we changed after the appearance, then to save and close the Word document, Then reopen the Word document and you'll see that the barcode has changed.

But to adjust the size of the bar code, you need to follow the previous steps to insert a bar code, and then click the original bar code, the mouse pointer to the four sides of its border or four corner of the control point, you can press and hold down the left button to resize it, and finally remove the newly inserted barcode

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