Make money on your website-essential manual for website operation

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Make money on your website-essential manual for website operation

Basic Information

Author: Chen Guangfeng
Series name: Network light series
Press: Machinery Industry Press
ISBN: 9787111302582
Mounting time:
Published on: February 1, April 2010
Start: 16
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Essential manual for millions of website operation practitioners
Praise from numerous Internet elites
In-depth revealing of successful websites practical operation tactics



This book systematically explains website operations from website operation basics to website content organization, website promotion, Website planning, website operation key points, website operation management, and actual interview. and share. The content is from simple to deep, and the concept is combined with practice. There are 14 methods of operation details for commercial websites, as well as practical operation cases for industrial websites, communities, and e-commerce websites. It not only analyzes the six theories of website operation, but also reveals the eight key points of website operation in depth.
This book is suitable for website operation related practitioners, including website designers, product managers, website promotion specialists, marketing managers, and individual webmasters engaged in online earning, Seo, and Soho. This book can also be used as training materials for website operation departments.


Chapter 1 website operation foundation 1
1.1 What is website operation 1
1.2 common profit models for commercial websites
1.2.1 selling product 2
1.2.2 selling service 3
1.2.3 10 profit models for commercial websites 3
Chapter 1 content is the foundation of website operations 33
2.1 content: Wang 33
2.1.1 what content do users like? 34
2.1.2 What does search engine like? 35
2.1.3 media websites must master the reading preferences of "Three highs"
2.1.4 content quality is more important than quantity 40
Chapter 2 website operation and promotion 61
3.1 link promotion 61
3.1.1 seven mainstream methods for creating effective external links 61
3.1.2 8 Key Points of high-quality links 62
3.1.3 add to the website navigation site, and the traffic is continuously increasing by 64
3.2 search engine promotion 65
3.2.1 paid search engine promotion (SEM) 65
3.2.2 free search engine promotion (SEO) 73
Chapter 1 eight key words of website operation 4th
4.1 core and auxiliary functions 126
4.1.1 go out of the "Big and comprehensive" ideology circle 127
4.1.2 simpler functions, easier to succeed 127
4.1.3 add the "function" column to step by step 127
4.2 User Experience 128
Chapter 2 website operation theory 5th
5.1 bath water theory-150 reuse of traffic
5.2 catalogue-core functions 152
5.3 Long Tail Theory-Keyword deployment strategy 153
5.4 Matthew-market strategic positioning 155
Chapter 2 website operation planning 6th
6.1 concept of Website planning 165
6.2 how to do website preliminary planning 166
6.3 how to plan website products 168
6.3.1 major steps of Product Planning 168
6.3.2 six good habits of Product Planning 170
Chapter 2 website operation management 7th
7.1 Content Management During website operation
7.2 member management during website operation 183
7.3 Advertisement Management During website operation 184
7.4 Security Management During website operation 186
Chapter 2 website operation practice interview 8th
8.1 talking about social business practices by Yang Lei, CEO of Weiyi network 204
8.1.1 VPC background 204
8.1.2 VPC's entrepreneurial journey: 204
8.1.3 exploration and practice of social commerce 206
8.2 Tian Keshan talk about the online entrepreneurship and operation promotion of caike 207
Chapter 2 industry trend observation 9th
9.1 personal websites from guerrillas to regular army 229
9.2 Local Websites accumulate 231
9.2.1 mining regional cultural treasures 231
9.2.2 232 behind the popularity of the 19th floor

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