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Everyone is the site speed for the importance of successful sites, countless data prove that if the site opened more than five seconds, more than One-third users will choose to leave. Based on this understanding, slow Web site conversion rate is the killer. But designers tend to attribute these slow-speed reasons to server-side forces.

The reason that causes the slow speed is mostly from the front end. Your css,javascript, pictures, and HTML code are stacked together. To optimize these content, I hear, like a complicated task! But now there are a lot of tools that can simplify this process. First use the Website Speed Test tool (address), look at the basic speed of your site, and then use the following five tools to enhance your site loading speed!

  1, Imagoptim give you the picture "Lose Weight"

Use Imagoptim to give your site pictures to lose weight. All you have to do is drag pictures from your site to the page and he will automatically optimize your image to reduce his size. He can handle pictures in png,jpeg and GIF format.

  2, Spriteme rapid production of pictures

Putting the background image inside a picture can effectively reduce the HTTP request and speed up your site. But it takes a lot of patience to make this kind of picture, and take pains to calculate the size and position of each picture. Spriteme This tool can help you complete these repetitive tools and give you the relative position of each picture in the CSS when you're done. Absolute time Saving weapon!

  3, the Google Mod_pagespeed application to the performance of the site.

Dynamic site, pictures are gradually loaded. But what if you want to load it all at once? Google is here to help you. This is a module that is applied to Apache. He can optimize all of your content, such as changing HTML, merging CSS, shrinking JS files, and so on. The most interesting thing is that he doesn't need you to change any of the existing source code and functionality.

  4, the use of Fiddler debugging data.

He can test the effects of your site on a variety of browsers, systems, and platforms. He can monitor the various data delivered by the server and the client. is used to debug data correctly and securely.

  5. Use CDN to accelerate content distribution

Using a CDN can quickly speed up the distribution of content.

Through the above tools, you can save a lot of time to improve the speed of your site, thereby increasing the conversion rate of users of the site.

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