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To the new year, I wish you all a happy holiday. On the occasion of New Year's Day, mother home logo also put new clothes.

Here is to share the logo of the entire creative and production experience.

Before doing this logo, first clear the purpose and function: 1 seasonal, 2 interesting. As the new Year's logo must conform to the current season and the festive atmosphere, this is the most basic, and secondly is to provide users with a good feeling of experience, so that its pleasure and recognition. Based on these two points, further analysis, listing the various elements related to New Year's Day:

Through the relevant elements of New Year's screening combination, the final decision by smashing eggs to achieve from 2010 to 2011 of the changes, the first 0 for a rabbit, the latter 0 for the egg, when the eggs smashed out of the carrot to jump out of 1. The following picture is the story background of the logo:

and whether the egg is controlled by the mouse, and the rabbit will be based on the different state of the mouse to reflect. The specific logical relationship is as follows:

The plan determines, then starts to produce, the concrete production process is not much elaborated here. Just mention the relevant points of attention.
1, as a logo file must be small as far as possible control within 30k, to avoid loading too long impact experience.

2, the proper use of bitmaps: in Flash, the general graphics are directly in the software, when you encounter very complex graphics, you can choose to import such as large bitmap as an alternative. The bitmap is not animated, otherwise there will be obvious sawtooth.

3, when the file is large, you can add loading, first show the original logo, such as loading the end of the way to play to solve.

This is my first time to make holiday logo, there are still many deficiencies, I hope to be able to continue to improve in the future work, summing up more experience to share with you.

Finally, I will be the last day of 2010 to collect the holiday logo together to show you, very festive atmosphere bar.

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