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Girl feelings are always poetry, those small little emotions is the best time in life. Photographer @ mouth love to take pictures and you share a warm yellow tune to create a Dream maiden tutorial. This tutorial not only has the detailed later steps, but also contains the photographer's preliminary preparation and the photography experience, has given everybody to prepare the welfare Oh!

  First, the early ideas

First of all, we have to establish the idea of photography, because the idea of shooting determines the main color of the later color. My idea of this shooting is the dreamy girl department, want to give you a warm feeling, so I will be the main color to determine the warm yellow.

Here I inserted a sentence, in order to get a better dream effect, before filming I choose to lens UV mirror before breathe create a sense of ambiguity. (can also be in the UV mirror around the Vaseline, put on stockings, etc., play your creative bar ~)

 Second, in Adobe Camera Raw in the adjustment

Open the raw picture file, where I use photoshop cc trim software. (Can not open raw file may be your Photoshop version is too low, you can download the raw plugin)

Each time I first make initial adjustments to exposure, contrast, and saturation in ACR. This time I tuned the color temperature to 5350 to reach the desired warm yellow hue. Increase the contrast and natural saturation, reduce the sharpness to-18, increasing the feeling of soft light.

The specific parameters are as follows:

For the sake of texture use curve once again adjust the contrast of light and shade, reduce the yellow saturation.

The parameters and the adjusted effect chart are as follows:

 Third, in the PS adjustment

After the adjustment to open the image into the PS interface, first liquefaction and grinding, to make subtle adjustments to the characters. (For portrait beautification tutorials, please click)

Then create a new fill layer, fill the color #09471e, change the layer mode to lightness, and change the opacity to 31% to create a film sense.

The use of curves in the RGB channel to increase the intensity of contrast, in the Red Channel High light section to increase the red hue.

The high light in the color balance continues to increase the warm yellow hue.

Change the yellow hue in the optional color.

Ctrl+alt+shift+e merge layers, create new fill layers, fill color #170a0a, and change layer mode to exclude. When you merge layers, the red values in the neutral color in the optional color layer increase, and then the layers are merged.

Next this is the most crucial step, please small partners to download the color Efex Pro4 this plug-in, after installation to choose the charm of this plug-in halo effect. Set the following figure:

The opacity of this layer is then changed to 59%. Finally, after merging the layers, select the filter-noise-add noise 2%, and make the film's particle sense.

 Four, storage image

I generally save the image to the lab mode, and then to the RGB mode to save, which will reduce the color bias.

 V. Later experience

Preparation is sufficient to make the whole color palette process smoother, I hope we do not rely entirely on later, because the latter is the second creation of the work.

The so-called palette parameters are just a reference, before the color palette, the most important thing is that you have to determine the style you want. For example, this group I want the effect is warm yellow, so in the process of color mixing I will adjust to the end until I finally get the effect I want.

If you are unfamiliar to Photoshop friends, you do not need to learn to color, it is best to buy a Photoshop tutorial master the most basic knowledge, understand the tools in Photoshop and usage, and then practice the color is not urgent.

Thank you again for your love of "photosynthesis" this photo. I hope this tutorial is helpful to everyone. If you need the PSD file for this tutorial, please go to the @ mouth love to take photos of micro blog According to the instructions.

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