Making cool poster with WPS online Material library skillfully

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Poster is a good advertising means, know how to design professionals usually use PS or professional software design, but do not understand the design of the office staff, how to design an illustrated poster it? The following small series to tell you to use WPS text to make promotional posters.

The latest release of the WPS2010 "cloud Office" new model, integrated with a wealth of practical online material library, using a wealth of WPS online material, you can easily make a design full of posters.

WPS Online Material Library

Here we design a cosmetics poster as an example to introduce the method of using WPS to create dazzling posters.

I. Poster inner frame design

Let's draw a poster inside the frame, look lively, taking into account the text changes in the text, it will be drawn into three paragraphs. What you need here is the Insert AutoShape underneath the software. Select Line-Curve, lay out the wireframe according to the outline, and adjust the line and color.

Second, insert text box

Good poster nature can not be less dynamic font, here I use a very popular pop poster traditional characters, we can choose their favorite fonts, as long as the download and installation can change the position of the font to change, this no longer repeat.

Insert a text box, enter a good theme text, adjust the position and font size, color, etc., in order to aesthetic standards. Then choose "Line"-"curve", hand "sunscreen" two word circle, flexible use of "Object Format" attribute can create a lot of beautiful effect.

Third, typesetting design

This is the time for WPS online material to shine, and cool graphics are hidden here, as long as open the online material library, here is to provide you with complete sets of icons, graphics, symbols, to meet your dazzling, cool requirements, as long as a click on the selected graphics can directly insert the document. Enter "Bird" in the search box, all of a sudden there are so many icons, choose an insert try, very good!

Finally, in addition to other textual information, such as product features and price information, we can also select the appropriate icon in the online material. In this case, I've added an underscore to the entry, and there's an appropriate transformation on the font size and color to show a better result. Adjust the size and position, set the layer order, a beautiful poster on the oven!

The above is the use of WPS to make promotional posters of the whole process, very simple, as you do not understand the design of the office staff, you must be a strong production of WPS surprised it. In fact, is the use of WPS huge online material library, to create a dynamic poster. I hope the above content is helpful to you.

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