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1. First, add a webpage on your website called "a webpage", which allows you to download the software "Firefox with Google Toolbar ". Google will give you 1 RMB for every download of this tool bar (the specific amount and how to get this Firefox can be found on the Google website ).
2. Advertisement on Google, on which page is advertisement? It is to advertise "webpage. What should I do? It is to purchase a keyword "keyword B" advertisement on Google, such as "Firefox". A search engine user searches for the advertisement in Google (or the advertisement space of a small website added to the Google AD Alliance). If a user clicks the advertisement, it will be linked to your "A web page", where users with "download rate C" will download the software, for example, "download rate C" = 30%, in this way, you can ask Google to help you earn Google money while you are sleeping at home.

3. because every time you click "B keyword" advertisement, you need to pay Google a little money "D yuan". If there is an advertisement "e personal click e" every day, then the money you make is "E * C * 1-E * D ". For example, if 1000 people click your advertisement every day, each click will be handed over to Google for 0.1 yuan, of which 30% will download Firefox from your page, the amount of money you earn every day is 1000 * 30% * 1-1000*0.1 = 200 RMB. This is what Wang said: "Every day, we can increase revenue by about 200 yuan ."

From above: Wang Tong (the first Chinese cool in Seo) gave a speech at the December 19 Chinese search annual meeting jointly sponsored by CCID and CCID consultants at the poly tower on April 9, 2006.


Not everyone can make money with this technique .. In fact, most people cannot make money .. Some details are the key .. And these can only be said .. This is what we call .. What we make is money with asymmetric information ..


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