Management Experience (1)-How to become a manager

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After having had the foundation to lead several teams, I had accumulated some management experience for myself, and the preparations for the project management examination were in full swing, in this process, I have to let myself think more. How can I become a manager?

First of all, there is no absolute content in management. Just like a choice question, it is wrong to describe an absolute option. Teaching in accordance with your aptitude, adapting to local conditions, and analyzing specific situations can be a huge test for a manager. It is also a systematic study of project management in preparing for the Project Manager Examination of information system, it includes 44 processes of overall management, scope, progress, cost, quality, communication, human resources, risks, and procurement. I have to say that management is both big and small. Although I have had several project-related experiences, I believe that I still need to go through the trial again. Today, we only discuss one or two items based on our cognitive level.



Define boundaries and focus on the definition and control of project content, that is, what is included and not included. Clarifying our goals and scope is the primary solution. Only by knowing what we need can we find a breakthrough and set certain standards for scope management, periodic validation, review, control, and other processes are also a reliable guarantee for the effective implementation of the project.

Work is learning. This is like the learning task we usually set for ourselves. We define the learning goal and divide the learning content according to the goal. This process is called creating WBS, after the plan is completed, it is the execution process, where continuous feedback should be made to confirm whether the plan deviated from the originally set goal and thus achieve control.

After such a virtuous circle, we can achieve our goal of not deviating from the original plan.



The progress here can be replaced by time. After the scope management decomposition above, we have decomposed the target into work units one by one, in Progress Management, the unit of work needs to be further subdivided into activities and detailed tasks. This process is called activity definition.

A series of processes, including sorting, resource estimation, duration estimation, and planning, are required for activities, finally, we obtained a project progress plan, which provides a basis for subsequent work.

Similar to the previous steps, in the project, we also need to constantly feedback, compare, and control the progress. We have to say that this work is in progress and a manager is mainly doing it, how many have been completed? How many are not completed? How long will it take? Every day, these problems are plagued by managers who organize and help their team members to start their work.

For self-management, we also need to have a certain idea of time. The premise of "today's business is today's business" is to clarify what is happening today, in this way, you can improve yourself more efficiently by going to work and learning with plans, purposes, feedback, and adjustments. To be a visionary person, you must be an ideal practitioner.



The most fundamental goal of a project is to get the benefits. You need to know how much (positive or negative) You have gained, and you need to know the cost you have spent. Cost management includes budgeting, estimation, and control. There are many aspects to consider: human resources, equipment, materials, risks, and so on, which are the key factors for success.


// The cost is tangible, and the cost is invisible. It is mapped to our life, youth, and time. It is our most important cost. We regard the current day as the last day, your day is priceless.



The management of scope, progress, and cost is centered on quality. Quality assurance is an important prerequisite for us to complete the project, and quality management is the core of our management. "Successful project management meets the expectations of stakeholders under the agreed time and scope, budget cost and required quality ".

In work and study, both the team members and themselves should improve efficiency on the premise of ensuring quality, and the most important things cannot be lost during the project's forward.



There are still a lot of management content worth discussing and learning. For example, there will be everywhere-Communication (the main way for Chinese people to solve problems), as well as risk prediction and control. As I said at the beginning, nothing is absolute. You can manage yourself and lead a team better only by constantly enriching your experience and improving your requirements.

Management Experience (1)-How to become a manager

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