Management Software for server virtualization (VPs): Microsoft hyper-V, VMWare ESX Server, and elastic ozzo

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What I understand is that VPs virtualizes a physical server into several independent physical servers on the logic. A virtual VPs host can be regarded as an independent server. Currently, the space services provided by the IDC are generally divided into virtual hosts, VPs, and server leasing. There are many management systems for virtual hosts, VPs software has never been known before. I found it online today and found that Vm and Microsoft are already doing this kind of product.

Microsoft's VPs product is Microsoft hyper-V, and VMWare's product is VMware ESX Server, all of which are charged based on the authorized quantity.

describe two pieces of software: Microsoft hyper-V and VMWare ESX Server are both hardware-supported bare-metal virtualization products, their biggest difference is that Microsoft hyper-V adopts a micro-kernel structure, while ESX Server is a single-kernel product.
hyper-V adopts a micro-kernel structure, which is a thin hypervisor. Because it does not have the driver Program , hyper-V has more advantages in terms of volume. In addition, due to the small size of the microkernel, therefore, the operation efficiency is very high. The driver runs in each partition. The virtual machine OS in each partition can directly access the hardware through the hypervisor, and each partition is independent of each other, in this way, we have better security and stability.
In addition, most virtualization solutions use hardware simulation to solve hardware access compatibility issues, but it also causes great overhead and performance loss. Microsoft hyper-V does not adopt this approach, but uses the Enlightenment technology. It can enlighten virtual machine operating systems and make them understand that they are virtual machines. Virtual Machine operating systems that have been enlightened will remember virtualization, so they do not need hardware simulation, this is done through the VSP/VSC component. When the operating system in the subpartition needs to access the hardware) use vmbus to send the request to the VSP (virtualization service provider) in the parent partition, and then the VSP provides the actual hardware service. In this way, the access performance of hardware is greatly improved compared with the hardware simulation method.

In addition, this method can be compatible with a large number of drivers without having to develop dedicated drivers for virtual machines like ESX Server. In most cases, as long as the hardware device can work in Windows Server 2008, it will certainly work in virtual machines. In addition, Windows drivers are richer than drivers on other platforms, while ESX Server is prone to compatibility issues. Therefore, hyper-V has unparalleled advantages in hardware compatibility support.

Another software is called javasozzo,Virtuozzo is the name of swsoft's operating system virtualization software. This operating system virtualization software is a server virtualization and automation technology that uses the operating system virtualization technology. The concept of operating system virtualization is based on the shared operating system kernel, so that the virtual server does not need to virtualize the kernel process, so the virtual process consumes less resources, therefore, more virtual servers can be created on one physical server. These VPs share hardware, software licenses, and manage resources to maximize efficiency. Each VPs can be restarted independently and has its own root access permissions, users, IP addresses, memory, processes, files, applications, system function libraries, and configuration files. Virtuozzo technology supports both Linux and Windows platforms. The Linux kernel ozzo server also supports different Linux distributions of the same kernel version on virtual servers.

Some of the addresses on the Internet for this type of industry software are shared versions. If you want to try it out, you cannot find a suitable version, and wait for Huanggang Automotive Network (Http:// It has grown. consider buying a VPs.

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