Many people choose to be programmers because they think they are doing creative work.

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Many people choose to be programmers because they think they are doing creative work. Many people choose to be VC programmers, because they want to know everything and feel like they are in the dark. Later, programmers realized that what they did was the most mechanical and repetitive work. Instead of creating the world, we let the world go with its head. We do not dare to stop at one step, fearing that we will lose contact with the world. Later, programmers learned that they had to eat in addition to program writing. Many programmers find their jobs, write the code specified by the company, and live their lives. VC programmers have been wandering the streets because they have never been able to find a job. In fact, choosing to be a programmer means more suffering than others. Choosing a VC programmer means more detours than others. Because we don't have good books, good instructor guidance, and good environment practices ...... We struggled alone in front of a dazzling display or in the dark night to find a way out. However, suddenly looking back, it's getting farther away from your own goals ...... Hundreds of VC programmers contacted me and said they could not find a job, and some said they would come to my company. I asked them to design the simplest project, but they all seem powerless and often make mistakes. I know that this is not because our VC programmers are not serious or hard-working. In this blind tide, programmers cannot find a direction. For example, today's VC books cannot be said to be vast, but there are only a few useful books. The book writer deceives a group of new students and allows a large class of programmers to chew on the boring and useless things with his ass. The technology is no longer popular when programmers are exploring things. Such as MFC, it is too late for programmers to really understand it, but it is quite time-consuming. I know that what really makes you progress is going into a software company to build a project. At that time, you will really feel what it was like. But a VC friend said that to come to our company, I always refused to go to the thousands of miles on the grounds that it could not bring benefits to the company. If a company is not a charity, it is not an overnight task to cultivate a VC programmer. My friend said that we can work together to help the company. In fact, cowriting is not as simple as writing in the book. On the contrary, it is a long process. Different people have different experiences and different thoughts. It is difficult to integrate them together. Even if everyone has the same brain, they will continue to communicate with each other during their initial cooperation. The most important thing is that new handwriting programs always make "Unforgivable" mistakes, which will cause unpredictable and loss to the company. Is it necessary for our VC programmers to deeply bury their lost youth, incircle dreams, and rewards together? Absolutely not! I am also a VC programmer. I deeply know how difficult it is to take every step. Our efforts are far greater than what we get. VC is like a sea. We don't have the energy to fully understand a lot of necessary knowledge. In our memory, we have lost ourselves from the beginning with confidence, to the difficulty of neighborhood a book, and finally, carrying the heavy burden of VC. Have you ever wondered whether we are responsible for this. In other words, if we are really "strong enough", software companies are absolutely welcome. VC programmers always have heroism, and they want to control everything. The scope of programming is too large, but they really know little about it. It gives people a sense of ambition. Also, do we remember the phrase "helping others is actually helping ourselves? Everyone learns from each other, so that there is a large class of talents proficient in VC Programming in the society. VC is popular in the recruitment field, and we are afraid that we cannot find a job? A few days ago, I saw a batch of rented buildings in the suburbs. Clean and tidy, with complete functions, but ultra-low price paper. That moment reminds me of our poor VC friends. We can gather here to become students or teachers, learn from each other and make progress together. We can also contact programming businesses in batches. With this huge team, we will not be confused when we contact the business. We can say out loud, "we are absolutely sure to complete this task ". Of course, we can drive to the nearby seaside in our spare time. We held hands in hand, wearing slippers, stepping on the waves, watching the sunset ...... Recall as another dream and look for the lofty sentiments of the past. I hope this is not just a dream.

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