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After the Baidu February late green Luo algorithm, many does not involve the link sale website to survive difficultly. Can tide just over, the new storm again arrives, in 315 before and after, there are many webmaster complain that their website ranking well, no reason to be down right, a lot of friends to find me, I help to their site to do a SEO diagnosis. After I studied a number of websites, found some laws, then the fall in March what is the reason for it? Grassroots SEO summed up some of the main reasons.

 First, the percentage of the entire page in the body text is very low

The most obvious scenario is that the content page has too many template literals, which causes the body text to take up a very low percentage of the entire page. So, when the user searches for one of your articles, the point comes in, see most of the content is not related to the article, such as the latest articles, hot articles, recommended articles, hot pictures, as well as various types of ads, the text that really helps him is only a little bit of content, such a user experience can be good? This will directly result in the page's stay time is very low, jump rate is very high.

 Second, the site content page similar to spend high, template text too much


The similarity here does not mean that the article is not original, but the content of the article uses a lot of template text. For example, at the end of each article add a company profile, such as the beginning of each article add a sentence: The following article for So-and-so's experience, and then for example, some classified information platform, the text of a total of 2 words, and each article is only the difference between the release time, rental floor number, the house around the average consumption price of food and so on. In other words, a lot of people in the article 99% of the content of the two articles are identical, and there are hundreds of this 99% content the same article page. The quality of such a site can be good?

third, the corporate website can highlight the company news/industry News


Company news no one looked! Your corporate website should show what is valuable to the user, that is, the presentation of the product or service you provide, instead of going to a popular corporate website to put some company news or industry news that users don't need. Perhaps you will say, you find these articles or someone to read, the clicks are still relatively high. I can tell you that these clicks are caused by the seoer of your peers who come to you to find articles.

 Iv. Company Profile put it in the most conspicuous place

Same as the one above. Your target customers when they enter your site, should first focus on his search keywords, that is, your company's products, rather than your company introduction. When he has a certain understanding of your products, there may be some follow-up needs, such as the company needs to understand, or be afraid of being deceived and so on, so the most conspicuous place on the home page must be right side users the most valuable things, that is the product introduction live product picture (according to different industry situation), and when the user read the product, Need to know about the company situation, do not need you to put in the most obvious place, as long as he wants to see, must find.



Recommended company profile, contact us, about us, the leader of the speech, these are not part of the user's first demand, but belong to the user's second hard demand, placed to the bottom of the navigation can be, do not fear that users could not find.

  Five, the station outside "high weight" the rubbish link overmuch

Baidu has also been cleaning up the junk links recently, not just buying and selling links. and the main manifestation of the garbage link is the external chain of the page theme and the relevance of your site theme, the external chain of the page content of the timeliness, as well as through the chain whether someone points in, and point to the user in the station whether there is a better experience. Because Baidu can through cookies fully understand the user's online browsing behavior, so it is easy to filter out whether the link for high-quality links, or can be said to be the outside chain is not a chain of garbage.

For example, grass-roots seo is specifically for small and medium-sized sites to provide free SEO diagnostic services, if I am in a high weight of women's forum posted on the beauty of the post, And at the end of the post plus my SEO blog site link Then when someone points in, found not what she wanted, immediately closed. This will be our site's users stay time and bounce rate has a great negative impact. In other words, you think you put the link to do high weight of the site will be able to pass high weight, in fact, sometimes counterproductive. And of course here I would like to state that Baidu's user behavior is the judgment of a cycle, that is, just sent up the link, in a short period of time may have a high weight to your site, but with Baidu more and more data collection, so that can accurately determine the link is low quality, Then you will lose the high weight that passed to you before, your website rank natural also fall down slightly.

Again for example, grassroots SEO in A5 webmaster Forum sent a soft article, and SEO-related, then I left at the end of a free SEO diagnostic anchor text or link. If someone points out, then it must be my demand for users that are required to do free SEO diagnostics before the user clicks back. So as long as my site internal user experience to do well, will allow users to stay in my site for a long time or for many browsing clicks. In this way, the chain is high quality outside the chain, that is, the chain will be over time, its transmission weight is more and more high, the effect is more and more obvious. This is the true quality of the external chain publishing method.

 Vi. factors of public opinion

Baidu search results on the first page there will always be 10 natural rankings, even if today's top 10 sites are all down right, then naturally there are another 10 pages are ranked to the top ten. People who are often hurt will feel unfair, so they will preach it everywhere. The ranking was promoted by the people will feel that they are serious and really do it, nothing strange. This is what causes us to hear in most cases who who who is the site and was K, and was down the right, and rarely heard who the ranking of the site Rose. Therefore, we must use a common heart to face all the changes.

Above for the grassroots SEO ( original and starting in A5, for learning exchanges, welcome to reprint.

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