Marketing Circle said: Golden eagle behind the hidden what is not known propaganda strategy?

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Dirigeba is this year's golden eagle goddess? The news comes out, really several happy several home sorrow, many people for Reba feel happy at the same time, there are many people for Michelle Yeoh regret, instant fans and lively stir up. We all know, from the opening of the Golden Eagle winner a month or two before the Dirigeba and Michelle Yeoh between the infighting between the quiet, in order to Zhegui Golden Eagle, two people are doing all the tricks ah, and the two fans is a great war, the slightest let.

Speaking of Michelle Yeoh frustration, it is really regrettable, because Michelle Yeoh itself is very pleasing to people. From "Family has children" clever sensible, and some naughty lovely snow, and then to reproduce the screen Xiaojiabiyu, coupled with good acting, or very popular with the audience. Compared to although has been very red but does not have the very outstanding play the Dirigeba but Zhegui Golden eagle, therefore many audiences inevitably for Michelle Yeoh frustrated feels regretful. In fact, careful analysis of the reasons for the unsuccessful Michelle Yeoh, found that one of the reasons is propaganda work is not in place.

Dilly Hot Bar has been very fire, especially her starring "beautiful 漂亮的李慧珍" and so on, carefully found in Hunan TV broadcast, but what is the relationship? Because, the Golden Eagle Festival is sponsored by Hunan TV station. In fact, a careful analysis of the two years of the Golden Eagle Festival in recent years, you can find that most of the choices are aired in the last two years. But according to the number of TV dramas aired in China every year, at least hundreds of TV dramas were aired in two years ' time. However, see this year's Golden Eagle Festival, can be shortlisted for the TV series but only 10, and most of the finalists are broadcast by Hunan TV. From this point of view, no wonder Dirigeba can Zhegui Golden eagle to a certain extent inseparable from the support of Hunan satellite TV platform.

Although there are many factors depending on the success, but the lack of one also can not ah, the limitations of the platform and the details of the site is not rigorous, although not Michelle Yeoh the decision factors, but also to a certain extent affected its score bar. Visible, the importance of the platform is self-evident.

Today found a name of the marketing circle platform, found here can provide a variety of quality marketing services, can help individual enterprises to develop the ideal marketing strategy and publicity planning activities, to help enterprises or individuals to achieve the desired publicity effect.

With the help of celebrities hot spots, can play a very good publicity, but how to skillfully use the news hotspot helps the enterprise individual to achieve the ideal propaganda effect? Marketing Circle and tens of thousands of media network companies have close relations of cooperation, meaning that the marketing circle of network connections, can help enterprises to open channels, so that the use of hot steps to help enterprises to build a platform to communicate with customers, so as to help enterprises to achieve the goal of promoting the brand.

Of course, the marketing circle can also provide high-quality platform resources, can help the enterprise personal planning online promotion activities, such as enterprises or individuals through what platform to achieve interaction with fans, how to interact with fans in the daily, how to use hot spots to open the relationship between enterprises and fans, etc. The marketing circle can provide the corresponding quality service for the enterprise or the individual.

Marketing Circle, is a platform to build enterprises and users, to help enterprises to find accurate customers, and users can also find suitable buyers, so as to achieve mutual benefit and win.

Marketing Circle said: Golden eagle behind the hidden what is not known propaganda strategy?

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