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Recently, Sina Weibo has a number of tens of thousands of fans named "@ the most plagiarism" account, this micro-Bo to uncover the attack on the network plagiarism responsibility, launched a vigorous anti-plagiarism revolution. Many plus v businesses and even celebrities are accused of plagiarism. In the anti-plagiarism revolution, the biggest victims, is tantamount to major marketing microblogging. So how should prevent marketing Weibo not to be identified plagiarism? The following three major methods are summarized:

  Methods one, try to avoid using the skin time machine microblogging content Library

As we all know, the Del Piero time machine in addition to regular release, forwarding micro-blog, there is a wide range of marketing microblogging owners favored function-micro-blog Content Library. Content Library has ready-made micro-blog, and some even beautifully decorated, and some also equipped with video, music and so on. However, this content library is included in the skin time machine from the user microblog selected, that is, these micro-blogs are already published by the original microblogging, if the use of this content library often, the probability of being reported by the originator or some. There has been a well-known enterprise Weibo has been accused of abusing the skin time Machine content Library.

methods Two, reprint the large amount of micro-blog

Often brush Weibo friends will find that sometimes see a certain micro-blog, is about to lament the author "have only" time, refresh a bit, found the same sentence appeared only other bloggers there, who is the originator of no one knows. It is therefore difficult to find the original author for some large tweets. Reprinted some of the most popular microblogging, the probability of being identified for plagiarism is much smaller.

method Three, add a "turn" on the back of Weibo

Add a "turn" or "forward" expression to the non-original microblog (the expression of a rabbit in a circle), so that the resistance of the bloggers who are against plagiarism will not be so strong, at least not a silent reprint.

To sum up, the above three points can only be a temporary expedient, marketing micro-bloggers or should strengthen the original strength, so as to effectively improve the marketing effect so as to achieve the purpose of advertising.

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