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Part 1 online network promotion

1) content: the most interesting and attractive content for users

What we need to do is to integrate the content to form a distinctive and attractive topic that is displayed on the homepage and promotion page of the channel. The service is paramount, and the details are in place, which gives the viewer a big imagination and gives ordinary enterprises with a sense of distance. It is simple but not simple. I think this is the so-called high-end.

2) content optimization of the website Title bar (Title:

Write a brief introduction to the Internet, no more than 30 words, and then adapt it to import keywords related to the website's industry as reasonably as possible. In other words, to be written as a "search engine tutorial version" website introduction.

3) add the title of the website content page:

The content page of the website, especially the homepage of important channels and columns, should be added with the same title as the homepage of the website. The Adding principle is similar to that of the homepage of the website.

4) Add and optimize the homepage tag (META ):

On the homepage of a website, descriptive text is embedded to summarize the features and advantages of the website. The Language features of the search engine are also used, which plays a good role in optimizing search engine scanning results. Similarly, the homepage of important channels and columns of the website should also take the same operation steps. Other optimizations related to search engine scanning results, such as adding bold text titles (do not use images), setting columns to facilitate search engine scanning, and adding content pagination, you can also do something as appropriate.

5) search engine optimization promotion:

Optimize the website, and strive to compete in the search engine-related keyword search.

6) log on to various search engines:

Login to the search engine marks the external release of the website. Currently, all major search engines running tutorials in China, including Google, Baidu, Sina, yisearch, zhongsearch, Sogou, sousearch, Yahoo, and MSN.

7) log on to the website directory system:

The website directory system has two main categories in China: one is website-based websites, and the other is the website Directory column under the search channels of major portals.

8) add links:

Links here refer to websites that are not in the industry or directly related to website content. Our friendship connection is currently in the form of customer cases. All our customer websites are added with technical support, and more customer websites are selected to add locations.

9) open industry news channels:

Setting up industry news channels for daily updates not only helps improve and improve the search engine results of websites, but also helps attract industry users and enhance website stickiness. And use the news channels of the portal to repost.

10) soft article promotion:

Before and after the website is opened, I will write several papers on the main characteristics and development prospects of the industry every month, and attach the website's signature, website URL, and contact information, when promoting a website, try to add reverse connections with keywords. For example, a soft article may contain multiple keywords such as "website creation", "website construction tutorial", and "website design, try to add Kadir's reverse connection to these keywords.

11) group email:

Email promotion is one of the most important means for website promotion. Avoid email flooding. We can send emails that are relevant to our target customers, potential customers, and old customers, such as company dynamics, company activities, and industry emergencies, the email contains the website signature, website address, and contact information. For example, Yihu's fast marketing software can search for email addresses based on keywords, or scan enterprise mail addresses in the portal website directly, which is a good group-sending software.

12) industry expansion:

Post to another user. Add the website signature, website URL, contact method, or company business to your personal signature and add a rough increase to your personal signature, for example, "high-quality website construction: ".

13) use the network extraction system for promotion:

The online extraction system was initially developed in September 2004 and became popular after the Spring Festival in 2005. The online retrieval system is actually an open and dynamic web page favorites. Currently, Sina VIVI, and daily online retrieval are popular ,. We have two main advantages: one is to submit as many content pages as possible to an open online retrieval system, and the automatic submission software of the online retrieval system should be used if necessary; the second is to establish your own industry network extraction system and use some resources to establish a network extraction system.

14) use personal instant messaging tools:

QQ, TradeManager, bubble, MSN, and other mass mailing tools to send information, mainly for company dynamics, company activities, industry emergencies, etc, add the website signature, website address, and contact information. Avoid email flooding. We can target our target customers, potential customers, and old customers.

15) promotion by using the forum water dispenser:

In non-industry website forums, bumping water is often done with various free or charged water filling machine software. For example, Yihu's fast marketing software has tens of thousands of built-in forums, which can automatically identify and post verification codes.

16) mass supply and demand messages:

The supply and demand news topic has been a breeze. Many local information ports and industry portals have opened this channel or topic, which was once regarded as the iconic content of such websites. Although it has shrunk, however, many publicity points can still be formed. There are two methods to use these resources for publicity: one is to search through the search engine and find more such websites; the other is to find free or cracked group-sending software, find several different versions.

17) QQ favorites:

QQ has opened a personal page favorites and made a plug-in on the home page. When a user opens the home page, a dialog box is displayed automatically. Please Select and add it. We recommend that every employee of the company execute the code and let the employee develop his or her friends gradually.

18) use the software station to promote:

Select a part of the content on your website and make it an E-Book. When the content is sent to the software download website, you can get good results in a short time. And these e-books can be posted on other websites.

20) image material:

Collect some of your favorite hot industry images, make website URLs watermark images, collect thousands of images, divide them into dozens of topics, and map or upload images to various places. This operation can also be performed on personal blog albums and QQ spaces.

21) chain promotion:

At the beginning of the website, it is very helpful to boost the basic traffic of the website.

22) horizontal joint venture activities in the industry:

Initiate and organize online user selection activities for websites in the same industry.

23) organize industry Network Alliance:

Organizing Network alliances often attracts the attention of competitors. For example, QQ group, Baidu Post Bar, and circle.

24) advertising and interchange:

Internet is a community website for HR managers. Its audience is mainly HR managers in various regions. In view of the website's audience characteristics, we should select the online advertising targets for all well-known HR recruitment websites. For example, Zhaopin, 51job,, and other well-known websites. It is important to consider that the audience of such websites is the best match with the audience of the network, which can achieve twice the result with half the effort. Select a well-known recruitment website for the company's recruitment advertisement, write the company's detailed information, and attach the company's website: h

25) disguised promotion of Weike website:

Web-related tasks can be published on The witkey website, such as website ad solicitation. It has obtained both excellent advertising and promotion websites.

26) Yahoo favorites:

Register an ID number in, which contains a Favorites folder, and add your own website to it. Do not add website tags, such as website construction and website Production. Try to make it as comprehensive as possible. It is recommended that every employee of the company collect the favorites once. The more people there are, the higher the front will be. In addition, every channel of the website will be separately added to the favorites to ensure quality and quantity. This method has obvious effects.

27) Baidu Knows

You can register multiple numbers at Baidu to answer questions by yourself, ask a question by one number, and give a good answer. Then, you can praise your answers, and the answer mostly covers the keywords of the company's business. For example, "What authoritative website construction companies are there in Guangzhou ?"; Answer: Guangzhou Yihu Information Technology Co., Ltd., website :......" Add the company's website on the relevant links.

28) Baidu Post Bar

Post or reply

29) blogs and circles

Various well-known websites write blogs, often posting soft texts, and making friendship or fixed connections in the blog. Sohu's blog circle is popular. Most users have financial sources and many potential customers, but the soft texts in it must be of quality and the external connection should not be obvious, so as to prevent the ID from being blocked.

30) paid promotion of various search engine websites:

Baidu fixed ranking, Baidu bidding ranking, and google right fixed ranking. Adjusted at any time according to the company's business and economic conditions.

Part 2: offline marketing

User interaction:

1) There are many online and offline interactions with netizens. The form should be novel and attract interest from netizens. Spread among netizens, with remarkable results. For example, they held a gala, a tea session, an outing, arranged a one-on-one meeting for netizens, and provided offline leisure and entertainment venues (not necessarily huge) for netizens. Because it is targeted, the effect is very obvious.

2) cooperating with traditional media, making exchanges and advertisements on newspapers, publishing soft articles, and publicizing the website's strength on the news channel;

3) cooperation with the government, industrial and commercial tax departments, and other organizations, such as the Ministry of Labor and other organizations, in the form of cooperation websites appear in the activity, can improve customer trust. This is a very important task, and it is also very difficult. Once successful, it is a qualitative leap of the website;

4) appear on local television in the form of news or advertisement, or both. When the website was officially opened, a number of TV stations, newspapers, radio stations, and other news agencies were notified to conduct on-site interviews and reports. After the activation, you must also cooperate with the TV station to report on the Internet in soft news and advertisement forms multiple times. In cooperation with the local radio station, the method is the same as that of the TV station.

5) company business cards and business cards are also disguised advertisements. In addition to personal information, they can also include the company's business, website, and contact information.

Hold a netizen gathering on site or invite the netizen to visit the company to gain a good reputation among potential consumers.

In conjunction with some related activities, the website of the company is printed on the activity signboard and the content of the website partner company is also published.

Print or purchase small gifts and distribute them to members. And give it to the other party when contacting the business or making an appointment with the customer. For example, exquisite calendars, notebooks, pen holders, and other things used in daily life must be exquisite, personalized, and not necessarily expensive. Website information must be printed on them.

The above is the basic promotion idea. The promotion methods of e-commerce websites and portal websites are not available. In the near future, we will launch related operation solutions. There are still many promotion methods that can be freely used in operation, make adjustments according to your own conditions. Website promotion is a constant battle. Everyone must stick to it, stick to it, and then stick to it. As long as you work hard, iron rods can also be magic needles. I believe everyone can successfully launch their own websites.

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