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I haven't written anything for a long time. In fact, it's because I 've been studying Material Designer recently and it's not very good to stay up late. So I am so lazy and I am not writing anything. This series of articles is about how to implement the Material Designer in a program. As a programmer, we don't need to care too much about design. We just need to know whether the requirements given by the designer can be implemented. But at the beginning, let's talk about the focus of this design.

Material Designer

Purpose: provide the same design style for devices of different sizes and purposes


1. Paper


This design pattern references the pattern of paper ink in a large amount and changes the space like paper, and the user's finger is a brush. You can press the control to produce a Moting effect. The advantage is that it clearly tells the user whether the control is clicked, and also allows the user to understand the layout of the control. After all, it is easy to accept controls that are stacked on a piece of paper. There is also a word "metaphorical", although the control is like paper, but it has the ability to become larger and smaller, change the color, so you do not have to stick to the actual paper.

2. Depth

3. Animation

Material Designer (1) in Programmer's eyes -- RippleLayout

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