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A request is a series of requests that are required to carry materials within a single organization. Planners and organization administrators can use material handling tickets to request materials to be moved in a warehouse or organization for replenishment, re-layout of material storage, and quality processing. You can manually or automatically generate a material handling ticket based on the source type used.

Note: The material handling ticket is only used for internal transaction processing within the Organization. To transfer materials between organizations, you must use the internal application process. Controlled Material Flow in the Organization:

The material handling ticket allows you to differentiate the inventory management process from the actual material transaction processing process. This provides the following functions:


Quick Response You can request transaction processing and forward the request to the pick-up person for transaction processing. Tracking requests in Oracle Inventory allows you to avoid manual operation, so as to avoid transmitting inaccurate information. In addition, the Oracle inventory supplement can automatically generate a material handling ticket without the intervention of the material scheduler. This makes inventory replenishment faster and requires only a small amount of manual intervention.
Repository visibility The stock picking rule is used to determine the position of the replenishment item source for sub-inventory or account transfer. This ensures that materials in the organization can be converted using mechanisms created for normal turnaround materials for delivery.
Tracking The materials handling ticket can be processed through API. This allows you to use a mobile device to process materials for better visibility and accuracy. You can also create a material handling ticket to cross-ship the materials to the pick-up location.
Source Type of material handling ticket:

Oracle provides three types of material handling tickets:

1) Materials Handling ticket application,

2) supplement the material handling ticket,

3) Pick the warehouse to notify the material handling ticket.

The Material Handling order type specifies the entity for creating the material handling ticket. The final result of all material handling orders is one of two supported transactions: Sub-stock transfer or account issuance.


Materials Handling Ticket Application

The materials handling ticket application is a manually generated material handling ticket request, which can be used for sub-stock transfer and account transfer. Once the application is approved, it becomes a material handling ticket. You can use the workflow-based approval process to approve these requests before they become available for searching for supplemental sources and handling materials.



Supplemental Material Handling ticket

You can use the following plans and supplements to automatically create pre-approval Material Handling tickets. When a material uses another inventory location in the same organization as its complementary source, these processes generate a material handling ticket.

Min-max plan: When the number of specific materials in the stock reaches the minimum, you can use the material handling ticket to supplement the supply.
Supplemental check When the system uses supplemental check to trigger material supplement, the material handling ticket can be used to supplement the supply.
Card supplement When the card sends a signal to issue materials to the sub-stock, a material handling ticket can be generated to handle the issue.

For the minimum-maximum plan and supplemental check, you can set the subinventory source type at the following layers:

    • Main/organizational materials

    • Sub-stock

    • Material sub-stock

For panel pull sequence numbers or card display boards, you can set the sub-inventory source type at the "pull sequence number" layer.

Warehouse picking notification Material Handling ticket

A pick-up notification is a pre-approval request to facilitate sub-stock transfer of materials from the source location in the warehouse to the sub-stock. These materials are automatically generated by the Oracle shipping execution picking process.

Material Handling ticket composition:

The materials handling ticket includes the following components:

Material Handling ticket Header Oracle inventory uses the BOM header to store the BOM source type. It specifies the entity for creating a material handling ticket. This header also stores the default source and target (if known), order number, and request date.
Material Handling line The material handling line is the request on the Material Handling ticket. They store materials, the number of requests, the number of completed items (if the materials are partially executed), and the source and target (if known ). If the organization enables Oracle project manufacturing, the Bom also includes any project and task references. You can also request a specific serial number and batch number on the materials handling unit.
Material Handling single row allocation Row allocation is the transaction processing that is generated to fulfill the specific material handling line. You can set up a system to allow the Oracle inventory pick-up engine to automatically fill in the allocation; or you can manually fill in the detailed information of the row and edit it before processing. If the item is subject to location, batch, or sequence control, the system will fill in this information at the row details layer.
Material Handling ticket handling flow:

Follow these steps:

    1. Create a material handling ticket for the required materials.You can manually create a materials handling ticket, or set up a system to automatically generate a replenishment or pick-up notification for the materials handling ticket.

    2. Approve the materials handling line.If the application for a materials handling ticket needs to be approved, the material scheduler must approve the materials handling ticket.

    3. Allocate a material handling ticket.Once the materials handling ticket is approved, it must be allocated or canceled. The allocation process uses Oracle inventory picking rules to determine where the item source is to be supplemented to satisfy the request line. The allocation process uses the actual service to be executed to fill in the detailed information of the Materials Handling line and allocate the materials to the materials handling ticket.

      You can also cancel part of the allocated Materials Handling ticket application and supplement the materials handling ticket. Oracle inventory's configuration file option "inv: terminate a Materials Handling order" allows the system to cancel part of the allocated and processed materials handling orders.

    4. Print the picking list.Before handling a material handling ticket, you can print the pick-up ticket or push the assignment to a mobile device through the material handling ticket API.

    5. Process the Material Handling Unit.You can process all material handling lines at a time or one allocation line at a time when moving materials. If the number of processes is less than the requested quantity, the materials handling ticket remains unfinished until the total number is processed or until the order is closed or canceled. You can cancel some of the assigned or processed materials handling ticket applications and supplemental materials handling tickets.

Allocate Material Handling ticket:

The Materials Handling order uses the Oracle inventory library rule to specify the recommended source location, batch number, and version of the materials to be selected. You can view and update the recommended source allocation before printing the pick-up ticket or submitting the transaction.

Note: The allocation process creates a transaction to be determined, which is executed when you process the transaction. Therefore, the number of available instances is reduced. Workflow for approval of material handling ticket:

If you require the scheduler to approve the application, you can use the approval process to send the ticket to the specified Scheduler for approval. Oracle inventory manages the approval process through Oracle Workflow.

To manage the approval process of the Materials Handling ticket, set two inventory organization parameters: the time-out period of the Materials Handling ticket and the time-out activity of the Materials Handling ticket. The "Material Handling order time-out period" attribute determines the number of days that the handling ticket is allowed to wait for approval. After a time-out period, if the recipient does not approve or rejects the shipping order, the system will send a reminder; after another time-out period, based on your settings on the "temporary suspension of Materials Handling ticket" attribute, the system will automatically approve or reject the handling ticket accordingly. After the shipping ticket is approved, the system sends an additional notification to the specified person.

The material scheduler is a material property. If the scheduler is not specified for the item, the application line is automatically approved.

Once the order line is approved, the system sends a notification based on the list of notifications attached to the source and target sub-inventories so that the sub-inventory scheduler knows that the materials will be moved to or removed from their areas.

Note: Supplement and pick the warehouse to notify the material handling form of pre-approval Material Handling form.


Print the material handling picking ticket:

You can print the pick-up ticket before or after submitting the ticket. The "material handling pick-up ticket" report generates a pick-up ticket for the material handling ticket application and supplemental material handling ticket.

To generate a pick-up ticket for the pick-up notification Material Handling order, submit the "Oracle shipping execution pick-up order" report.

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