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In addition to the individual functions in the table below, the rest of the functions are functions that the image Processing Toolbox provides for image processing, which is now extracted for searching.

Table 1 Image display
Name of function function Description Name of function function Description
Colorbar Color Bar Display Montage Display a multi-frame image as a rectangular clip
GetImage Getting image data from a coordinate system Immovie Make a movie from a multi-frame indexed image
Image Create a display image Movie Play a movie
Subimage Display multiple images in the same image window Trueszie resizing image display
Imagesc Adjust data and display images Warp Show image as texture map surface
Imshow Image display Zoom Zoom in or out of two-dimensional graphics
Table 2 image file input/output
functional description function name functional description
imread image file read in load Push an image file with an extension of mat into memory
image written out save images in memory variables to mat file
read dicom image Dicomwrite output dicom image
iminfo &NBSP;  < /td>
Table 3 image pixel values and their statistics
Name of function function Description Name of function function Description
Impixel Returns the selected image pixel color value Imcontour Drawing image data contours (contour lines, contour lines)
Improfile Calculation of data values along a path in an image Imhist To find the histogram of image data
Mean2 Ask for the mean value Corr2 To find the correlation coefficient
Std2 Ask for standard deviation
table 4 image analysis
function description function description
edge grayscale image Edge detection get four fork tree decomposition block value
qtecomp perform quad tree decomposition qtsetblk set four fork tree decomposition block value
Table 5 image enhancement and smoothing
Name of function function Description Name of function function Description
Imadjust Contrast adjustment Medfilt2 Two-dimensional mid-value filter
Histeq Histogram equalization Ordfilt2 Sequential statistical filters
Imnoise Add noise to the image Wiener2 Two-dimensional adaptive noise removal filter
Table 6 Image linear Filter and design of two-dimensional linear filter
Name of function function Description Name of function function Description
Conv2 Two dimensional convolution Freqz2 Calculate two-dimensional frequency response
Convmtx2 Computing two dimensional convolution matrices Fsamp2 Design of two-dimensional FIR filter by frequency sampling
Convn Multi-dimensional convolution Ftrans Conversion of two-dimensional FIRLBQ by frequency sampling
Filter2 Two-dimensional linear digital filter Fwind1 Design of two-dimensional FIR filter with one-dimensional window method
Fspecial Generating pre-defined filters Fwind2 Two-dimensional FIR filter design using two-dimensional window method
Frespace Determine the two-dimensional frequency response interval
Table 7 Image Transformations
Name of function function Description Name of function function Description
Fft Calculation of one-dimensional fast Fourier transformation Dct Calculate discrete cosine transforms
Ifft Calculation of inverse transformation of one-dimensional FFT iDCT Calculating discrete inverse cosine transforms
Fft2 Calculate two-dimensional FFT Dct2 Calculate 2D Discrete Cosine transform
Ifft2 Calculation of two-dimensional inverse FFT Idct2 Calculate 2D inverse Discrete cosine transform
Fftn Calculate Multidimensional FFT Dctmtx Calculating the TCT matrix
Ifftn Calculation of multidimensional inverse FFT Radon Calculate Radon Transformations
Fftshift DC component moved to Spectrum Center
Table 8 image fields and operations
Name of function function Description Name of function function Description
Bestblk Select block size for block processing Colfilt Using column direction functions for domain operations
Blkproc Different block handling of the image Im2col Rearrange image blocks as matrix columns
Col2im Rearrange matrix columns into image blocks Nlfilter Perform general field calculations
table 92 Value image Operations
Name of function function Description Name of function function Description
Applylut Using lookup tables for domain operations Bwperim Determining the target boundary in a two-value image
Bwarea Calculating the target area in a binary image Bwselect Select a target in a binary image
Bweuler Calculating Euler numbers in binary images Dilate Expansion calculation of two value image
Bwfill Two-value image background area padding Erode Bed erosion operation on two value image
Bwlabel Identify the connection components in a binary image Makelut Constructs a lookup table (Applylut) using
Bwmorph Binary Image morphology operation
table 10 region-based image processing
function name function description function name function description
roicolor based on color selection You want processed area roifilt2 pair to process area filter
Select the polygon area to be processed
table 11 image geometric operations
functional description function description
imcrop image trim image rotation
image resizing interp2 two-dimensional data difference
Table 12 Image Color Map operations
functional description function description
brighten color image lightened or Darken set get diagram
rearrange colors in color map Imapprox approximate indexed image by less-than-color image
look for unique color maps and corresponding images rgbplot draw RGB color map
Table 13 Color Control Conversions
Name of function function Description Name of function function Description
Hsv2rgb Convert the HSV color to an RGB color value Mtsc2rgb Convert NTSC values to RGB color space values
Rgb2hsv Convert RGB color values to HSV color values Rgb2ntsc Convert an RGB value to an NTSC color space value

MATLAB Image processing Toolbox

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