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Below is the MATLAB official list of the code of Tex, containing the vast majority of Greek letters and mathematical symbols.

Character Sequence


Character Sequence


Character Sequence























































































































































Below gives the MATLAB subscript and the Greek alphabet usage method, but also has more uses the method may refer to Matlab to help
Text Properties in the document:
Subscript with _ (underline)
Superscript with ^ (sharp)
Italic \it
Blackbody \BF
<< \ll
>> \gg
Positive and negative \pm
Left ARROW \leftarrow
Right ARROW \rightarrow
Up ARROW \uparrow
Top Circle (degree) \circ
Example text (2,3, ' \alpha_2^\beta ')

It\w (x): MM, requires W (x) is italic, and: mm does not require italic

{it\w (x)}:mm
Put the braces together for italic

Note: use {} to enclose the required

Special mathematical notation.

\approx   ≈     \oplus      ≡      \neq≠     \leq  ≤     \geq ≥     \pm ±   

\timesx\div÷\int∫\exists∝\infty∞\in∈\sim≌\forall ~ \ANGLE∠\PERP ⊥\cup∪\cap∩\vee∨\wedge∧\surd square root \otimes cross symbol \oplus⊕



Write a text annotation at the coordinates of a graphic

Y=sin (x);
Plot (X,y)
Text (2,sin (2), ' WACS5 ');

The text adornment on MATLAB graph

Text callout is an important factor in graphic decoration, it can be the user to add the character description at random on the window, can also be used in the Axis object of the tick mark and so on. The common properties of character objects are as follows: Color properties: the colors of characters. The property value of this property is a 1x3 color vector. Fontangle Property: Font Italic form. such as normal and italic ' italic '. FontName Property: The name of the font. such as ' Timesnewroman ' and ' Courier '. FontSize Property: Font size. By default, in PT, the property value should be a real number. FontWeight property: Whether the font is black. You can choose ' light ', ' normal ' (default), ' Demi ' and ' bold ' 4 options, and the color is gradually darkened. HorizontalAlignment Property: Represents the horizontal alignment of text. Can have ' left ' (aligned to the right), ' center '
(Center-aligned), ' right ' (aligned to the left) three choices. Similarly, there are verticalalignment properties for the position of the character matrix. Fontunits Property: A unit of font size. such as ' points ' (lb, pt) is the default value, in addition, you can also use the following units ' inches ' (inches), ' centimeters ' (cm), ' normalized ' (normalized) and ' pixels ' (pixels). Rotation property: Font rotation angle. Can be any numeric value. Editing property: Whether to allow interactive modification. Options can be ' on ' and ' off '. String property: The strings that make up this character object. can be a string matrix. Interpreter attribute: Tex format is allowed. The option is ' Tex ' (allow Tex format) and ' None ' (not allowed), which shows good results while the latter is faster.

Extent property: The position range of the string, which is read-only, the 1x4 vector, the first two values represent the lower-left coordinates of the string's position, and the last two components are the length and height of the character object.

Brief introduction of MATLAB drawing object

Getting and changing the properties of an object can be implemented using get () and set () function pairs.

>> Set (handle,  Property 1, Property value 1,  Property 2, property value 2,...)
>>  Property value =get (handle, properties)

      axis objects are commonly used in  MATLAB  graphics, and axis objects can be added with the menu items on  matlab 5.3 . After you add it, you can change its size and shape with your mouse, and some other properties are described below: The box  property:      indicates whether the box on the axis is required, and the options can be   ' on '   and   ' off ',  The default value is   ' on '. The default property values are listed earlier in this book when the property values are described later. The colororder  property:  sets the color order of multiple curves, which should be a  n x 3  matrix,  can be set by the  colormap ()   function. The gridlinestyle  property:  the grid line type, the literal line, dashed lines, and so on, and its settings are similar to the options for the  plot ()   function, the default value is   ': ', see the previous table. The nextplot  property:  represents how axis graphics are updated, ' replace '   is the default option for redrawing, and the ' Add '   option means to overprint on the original graphic, which is equivalent to using  hold directly The effect of the on  command. The title  property:  the handle to this axis title. The specific content is set by  title ()   function, which can be accessed to the original title. xlabel  property: The handle of the x  axis callout, and its contents are set by the  xlabel ()   function. In addition, there are similar  YLabel  and zlabel  properties. xdir  Properties: x  axis direction, you can choose   ' normal ' (forward)   and   ' rev ' (reverse),  plus  YDir  and  ZDir  Properties are similar. The xgrid  property:  indicates whether the  x  axis is grid-selectable, with the optional value   ' off '   and   ' on ',  in addition to a similar  ygrid  and zgrid  options. xlim  property: x  axis Upper and lower limits, given in Vector  [xm,xM]  form. In addition, there are  YLim  and  ZLim  properties, and the  axis ()   function described earlier is actually a direct assignment to these properties. xscale  Properties: x  axis Tick type settings, can be   ' linear ' (linear)   and   ' log ' (logarithmic). In addition, there are yscale  and  ZScale  properties.

XTick and Xticklabel Properties: The XTick property gives the vector of the ruler point values on the x-axis, and Xticklabel holds the tag string on the ruler points. The Y and Z axes will also have corresponding ruler attributes, such as Ztick.


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