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Ages-Use these four words to describe the proud tour fans of the 3.0 official version of the hope appropriate. Recently, the Proud tour finally released 3.0 official version of the tour. "Take 10 minutes and you'll fall in love with her," The proud developer is confident. Below let us use 10 minutes of time, to complete the experience of the 3.0 official version of how "cute".

A bright front: a new interface layout

Proud of the 3.0 installation process and its simplicity, only two steps can be completed. After the start of the program, of course, the appearance of the 3.0 interface, as a new browser, roaming 3.0 compared to the traditional browser the biggest change is the interface becomes more concise. Of course, proud of the 3.0 concise is based on a more humane foundation, just a few mouse, you will find proud of the interface layout settings of the good intentions.

Concise layout

The most noticeable on the interface, of course, is the large icon in the upper left corner. It was this icon that created the unique 3.0 account system. When a user logs on to the account, the icon becomes the user's account avatar. To declare: This browser is mine.

Account Avatar Show

Now, the Internet has gradually entered the Web3.0 era, which is also an era of flying personality. Browsers as an Internet portal must follow the trend of course. Believe that 3 this design will give users a dual sense of personality and beauty.

Proud Tour Forum is hosting the "Watch My Pride Tour" show Avatar Award-winning activities, you can go to show their own head.

Onlookers address:

Simple and easy to use: new advertising filtering

Advertising filtering has always been the strength of the browser, especially proud of 2 of the advertising hunter has reached the "no filter" to the point. But correspondingly, the difficulty of filtration is increased. Proud Tour 3 of the advertising filter made a significant improvement, especially in terms of ease of use, users simply move the mouse, page ads can be cleaned out.

Proud Tour 3 of the advertising filter can be divided into page window and filter content filter. Proud Tour 3 of the window filter function without user intervention, can cleanly intercept the web window, while in the lower right corner of the filter button on the filter number and filter the window address tips.

Page filtering is also very simple, click on the menu "manual screen Advertising" item, you can open the page filter mode. AO 3 will automatically filter the ads will be displayed in eye-catching way to the user, users simply click on these ads with the mouse, you can easily filter. Select Good to filter the ads, click on the top of the bar to complete the button, the page will automatically refresh, at this time the ad has been a no trace.

Of course, in addition to the simple point selection mode, AO 3 also provides a more advanced editing mode. Click on the Filter button menu "Edit site filtering rules" to enable this feature. In edit mode, the user can edit the filter rules to achieve more flexible, more complex filtering, but also can be added to the white list and other operations.

Handy intelligence: Details show thoughtfulness

In addition to the eyes of the front of a bright interface and a brisk advertising filtering, proud to travel 3 of many details also make users feel very considerate.

AO 3 online collection and proud Tour 2 fully compatible, so proud to visit the old users can seamless transition to a proud tour of 3, without fear of loss of collection. Proud Tour 3 also add the Smart Address bar function, just enter a character, proud tour will be based on the user's use habits to provide a common web site, to help users to complete a key to the lengthy web site input. Other such as multiple search, mouse gestures, anti-fishing function, and so on, do not repeat.

After a period of trial, Fondle admiringly, this is my 3.0 official version of the final evaluation of the tour. Easy to use, intelligent, fluent, proud tour 3.0 really let users feel a unique browsing experience.

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Beijing Proud Tour (Maxthon) World Technology Co., Ltd. is a browser as the main product of the new technology company, AO Tour (Maxthon) is the most understanding of user habits, the most full-featured browser, taking into account the use of efficiency and user browsing the security of the Web page. AO Tour has been in Beijing, Hong Kong and other locations to set up branch offices, and on October 28, 2009, proud to continue to enhance and improve the user experience concept, in Beijing to set up the largest professional browser research and development center, to become an international science and technology enterprises. Proud Tour (Maxthon) browser has a user translation production of 37 languages, in the world has tens of millions of active users, the November 28, 2009 tour of the Chinese main station download more than 300 million users across 120 countries and regions, is the best word-of-mouth and the most respected browser brand.

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