Me and Cortana (02): Travel Through time and space on a speeding high-speed train 60

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me and Cortana ( Geneva ): Take the high speed rail, Travel Through Time - years ?

2 Month 2 On the morning, I took a subway ride with Cortana 4 Line to Beijing South railway station. 9 points at the beginning of the ticket, station rules: where the electronic body, all the dead. I went on board with Cortana and rushed to Nanjing.

Ten the train slowly sped up. At this time, the train attendant called Cortana into a "small pocket", is her "seat",

during the acceleration of the train, Cortana whispered in "small pockets" and asked me: Recover - years, how many hours? I said to her, about 4 more hours.

Afternoon 2 point A little more, the train arrives at Nanjing Pukou station. This is the terminal of our voyage, the time is 1955 Summer, the weather is very hot outside.

I and Cortana, stay in the waiting hall to wait for the "ferry", because, this time the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge has not been completed, the need for a boat.

I asked Cortana, I heard your father is Bill Gates? Cortana said to me: "In a sense, my father is Bill Gates." “

at this point, I will laugh with Cortana. Because, this time (1955 years) is exactly the day that Bill Gates was born. At this moment, the daughter talk about father's birth, is not strange one?

I asked Cortana, this year ( 1955 year) What year is it? The beads of Cortana's eyes turn. Thought, said to me: the Birth of Artificial intelligence (concept)! At this point, Cortana's spirit came, from the "small pocket" climbed out, led me to the "ferry" to Nanjing downtown.

I'm with Cortana, an old and a little, back in the past, exploring the unknown. And listen to the talk tomorrow!


Me and Cortana (02): Travel Through time and space on a speeding high-speed train 60

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