Measured: 160wifi signal stability does not drop the line, free WiFi in the fighter

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160wifi is a free, safe, stable no line by software, you can notebook (or desktop) of the built-in (or external) wireless network card to a key to no line by, so that other devices can be simply through WiFi sharing, free access to the Internet. Perfect compatibility with XP/WIN7/WIN8 systems.

Before many users suspected that the stability of 160WiFi shareware and signal strength and other issues, now small series hands-on experience test A, to WIN7 operating system, for example, download and install 160wifi a key to open a hot share to the mobile phone use, mobile phone connection after the game test; Rhythm Master Perfect Experience, Play out the beautiful scores of SSS, and then constantly test a few, there is no pause, no drop line, no card machine and so on, this shows that the software stability, high signal. It is recommended for everyone to use.

160wifi Use steps:

1, download 160wifi and successfully installed;

2, set WiFi user name and password, a key to open sharing;

3, mobile phone search WiFi, and connect 160wifi to share out the hot spots.

When a cell phone is successfully connected, it can see a full grid of signals you can pick up your mobile phone to play the rhythm of the master, whether in the dormitory or home, cell phone play game no longer charge traffic, 160wifi to provide you with free WiFi hotspot, this time no longer have to treat my hair and waist, to buy a router ha.

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