Mechanical and electrical large operation--as use

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First, Software Installation

1.AS installation is nothing special, Install.exe click All the way Next,finish encountered an error click "Skip", Just, 30 days trial

2.RealVNC installation, registration code can find their own, I have a urf4a-yzrvw-pedae-blnk3-y5dma here, in the installation need to use

Second, the use of software

1. Teacher-given program download on GitHub

2. Unzip after download, open as and

Note: Project files are best placed in non-C disk and require sufficient storage space, the project file's front-level directory is not allowed to have Chinese name

3. After opening the project model is the elevator modeling and state machine, the demo is a visual interface, controller is what we want to write (interface time can also be changed to beautiful).

4. After compiling the right button

Transfer,transfer will appear after clicking OK, then wait for the program to download to the emulator

5. Finally open the Vncviewer


Can be debugged at the visual interface. But we'll write the code first, and then we'll do the debugging later.

Iii. references

1.AS operation can learn the teacher's blog

"real-time control software Design" automation Studio development environment-Chenhust-Blog Park 2. do not use GitHub and do not want to see the site's English help can see this"real-time control software Design" GitHub submit job Steps-chenhust-Blog Park 3. want to write the St language can be seenPLC Controller ST Language Programming style Guide draft (continuous improvement)-chenhust-Blog Park 4. Overall project requirements 5. Variables

Machine Work--as use article

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