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1. Fault Check Information

STOP 0x0000001E (0XC0000005,0XFDE38AF9,0X0000001,0X7E8B0EB4)

KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED * * * The first part of the error is the stop code (stop code), which is stopped 0x0000001E, to identify the type of error that has occurred, and the second part is a set of four numbers enclosed in parentheses. Represents a random developer-defined parameter (this parameter is not understandable to the average user, only the driver writer or Microsoft operating system developer knows). The third part is the error name. The first line of information is often used to identify the driver or device that produced the error. This information is mostly concise, but the outage code can be used as a search term in the Microsoft Knowledge Base and other technical materials

2. Recommended actions

Blue Screen The second part is recommended user's operation information. Sometimes, the recommended action is only a general recommendation (e.g. to the vendor website to find BIOS updates, etc.); Sometimes, a hint is displayed that is related to the current issue. In general, the only advice is to restart.

3. The debug port tells the user that the memory dump image is written to the disk vendor, using a memory dump image to determine the nature of the problem, and also tells the user whether the debug information has been passed to another computer vendor and what port is used to complete the communication. However, the information here does not make any sense to the average user. Sometimes the security section can find out which production team is the problem, and in the first part it will clearly report which document is the wrong one, but often it can only look at the approximate scope, but it cannot clearly indicate the problem. As the factory was completely forced to stop, only to re-start the work, sometimes the production team will be aware of the mistake, no longer repeat. But sometimes they still try to loot parts, so the factory collar. The lead has to repeat the lockout decision (unable to start and display the blue screen information, or the blue screen appears again in the same operation).

Second, the blue screen treatment method

Windows 2K/XP blue screen information is very much, can not be fully explained in an article, but they tend to focus on incompatible hardware and drivers, problematic software, viruses, etc., so first provide you with some general solutions, in the case of blue screen errors, should be excluded from these scenarios .

1. Restart

Sometimes it's just a program or driver that makes a mistake and then restarts. (Note: See 7 for this at this time. Query downtime)

2. New Hardware

First, you should check whether the new hardware is plugged in, this is overlooked by many people often cause a lot of inexplicable failure. If you are sure there is no problem, unplug it, then try a different slot and install the latest driver. You should also check the hardware compatibility category of the Microsoft website to see if the hardware is compatible with the operating system. If your hardware is not in the table, then get the hardware manufacturer's website to inquire, or call their advisory phone.

Hardware Compatibility List for Windows XP

Hardware compatibility categories for Windows 2K

3. New drivers and new services

If you have just installed a new driver of a hardware, or installed a software, and it adds the corresponding items in the system service (such as: Anti-virus software, CPU cooling software, firewall software, etc.), in the restart or use of the blue screen fault, please go to safe mode to uninstall or disable them.

4. Check for viruses

Viruses such as shock waves and oscillating waves can sometimes cause the Windows blue screen to crash, so killing viruses is essential. At the same time some Trojan spy software will also cause blue screen, so it is best to use the relevant tools for scanning inspection.

5. Check BIOS and hardware compatibility

For newly installed computers often have blue screen problems, you should check and upgrade the BIOS to the latest version, while closing the memory related items, such as: cache and Mapping. In addition, you should check your hardware against Microsoft's Hardware Compatibility List. Also, if the motherboard BIOS does not support a high-capacity hard disk, it will also result in a blue screen that needs to be upgraded.


BIOS Cache and Mapping entries

Video BIOS shadowing (visual BIOS mapping)

Shadowing address ranges (map addresses column)

System BIOS cacheable (Systems BIOS buffering)

Video BIOS cacheable (audio BIOS buffering)

Video RAM cacheable (memory buffer)

6. Check the System log

In the start-up menu, enter: Eventvwr.msc, enter the Event Viewer, and note the entry in the system log and application log that indicate "error".

7. Query the Outage code

Write down the dense e in the blue screen, then go to the Internet in other computers, and enter Microsoft Help and Support website In the upper left corner of the "search (Knowledge Base)" Enter the outage code, if the search results do not fit the information, you can choose the "English Knowledge Base" in the search again. In general, you will find useful solution cases here. In addition, Baidu, Google and other search engines using the blue screen of the shutdown code or the following text for keyword search, often will have a harvest.

8. Last Known Good Configuration

In general, when the blue screen appears after updating the hardware driver or adding hardware and installing its drivers, the last known Good Configuration provided by Windows 2K/XP is a shortcut to the BSOD. Rebooting the system, pressing the F8 key when the boot menu appears, then the Advanced Boot Options menu appears, then select Last Known Good Configuration.

9. Install the latest system patches and service packs

Some blue screens are caused by a flaw in Windows itself, which can be resolved by installing the latest system patches and service packs

Three, blue screen code meaning and solution

1, 0x0000000a:irql_not_less_or_equal

Error analysis: Mainly caused by the problem driver, defective or incompatible hardware and software. Technically speaking. Indicates that a process internal request level (IRQL) that has an Ethernet high in kernel mode accesses a memory address that it does not have access to.

◇ Solution: Please try to exclude from the 2, 3, 5, 8, 9 scenarios in the solution described previously.

2, 0x00000012:trap_cause_unknown

Error Analysis: If this error message is encountered, it is unfortunate that the result of the Kebudcheck analysis should be the wrong reason


◇ Solution: Since Microsoft can not help, you have to rely on their own, please carefully recall when this error occurred; What you did to the system the first time it happened; What is being done when it occurs. Identify possible causes from this information, and select the appropriate solution to try to exclude.

3, 0x0000001a:memory_management

Error Analysis: This memory management error is often caused by hardware, such as: Newly installed hardware, problems with the memory itself, and so on.

◇ Solution: If you are installing Windows, it is possible that your computer is not up to the minimum memory and disk requirements for installing Windows.

4, 0x0000001e:kmode_exception_not_handled

Error Analysis: The Windows kernel checks for an illegal or unknown process instruction, which is usually caused by problematic memory or similar to the previous 0x0000000a.

◇ Solution:

(1) There is a problem with hardware compatibility: Check that all hardware is included in this list against the latest hardware Compatibility List mentioned earlier.

(2) Problematic device drivers, system services or memory conflicts and interrupt conflicts: If the driver name appears in the blue screen message, try disabling or removing the driver in the installation mode or Recovery Console and disabling all the drivers and software that you just installed. If the error occurs during system startup, go to Safe mode and rename or delete the file indicated in the blue screen message.

(3) If the error message explicitly states Win32k.sys: it is possible that the third-party remote control software is responsible for the need to shut down the software from the Recovery Console.

(4) The first reboot after installing Windows: The maximum suspicion may be when the system partition has insufficient disk space or BIOS compatibility issues.

(5) If a software is turned off: it is possible that the software has a design flaw in the province, please upgrade or uninstall it.

5, 0x00000023:fat_file_system


Error Analysis: 0x00000023 typically occurs when a system partition is read or written to a FAT16 or FAT32 file system, and

0X00000024 is due to an error in the Ntfs.sys file (this driver file is used to allow the system to read and write

NTFS file system disks). These two blue screen errors are most likely caused by physical damage to the disk itself, or by an interrupt request for packet (IRP) corruption. Other reasons include: too much hard disk fragmentation; File read and write operations are too frequent, and the amount of data is very high or due to some disk mirroring software or anti-virus software caused.

◇ Solution:

First step: First open the command line prompt, run "chkdsk/r" (Note: Not chkdisk, feel like this, but ...) command to check and repair the hard drive error, if the report exists Waidao (bad track), please use the Check tool provided by the hard disk manufacturer to check and repair.

Step Two: Then disable any software that scans files, such as antivirus, firewall, or backup tools.

Step Three: Right-click the C:winntsystem32driversfastfat.sys file and select Properties to see if its version matches the version of Windows currently used by the system. (Note: If it is XP, it should be C:windowssystem32driversfastfat.sys)

Fourth Step: Install the latest motherboard driver, special IDE driver. If you have drivers for your CD-ROM and Removable Storage, it's a good idea to upgrade them to the latest version.

6, 0x00000027:rdr_file_system

Error Analysis: The cause of this error is very difficult to judge, but the Windows memory management problem is likely to lead to the presence of this downtime code.

◇ Solution: If memory management is the reason, the usual increase in memory will solve the problem.

7, 0x0000002eata_bus_error

Error analysis: System memory parity generates errors, usually due to faulty memory (including physical memory, level two cache, or video memory) when the device driver accesses a non-existent storage address. In addition, the hard disk is damaged by viruses or other problems to show this stop code.

◇ Solution:

(1) Check for viruses

(2) Use the "chkdsk/r" command to check all disk partitions.

(3) Check memory with Memtest86 and other memory test software.

(4) Check whether the hardware is properly installed, such as: whether solid, gold finger whether there are stains.

8, 0x00000035:no_more_irp_stack_locations

Error analysis: It is literally understood that a stack problem should occur when the driver or some software is present. In fact, the real cause of this failure should be when the driver has problems in the province, or the memory has a quality problem.

◇ Solution: Use the general solution described earlier to troubleshoot driver and memory-related scenarios.

9, 0x0000003f:no_more_system_ptes

Error Analysis: An error related to system memory management, such as: Due to a large number of input/output operations, there is a problem with memory management: Defective drivers use memory resources incorrectly; An application (e.g., backup software) is allocated a large amount of kernel memory.

◇ Solution: Uninstall all the latest installed software (especially those that enhance the performance of the disk and antivirus software) and drivers.

10, 0x00000044:multiple_irp_compliete_requests

Error analysis: Usually caused by a hardware driver.

◇ Solution: Uninstall the recently installed drivers. This glitch is rare and is now known to occur when using certain software from the company, the culprit of which is the Falstaff.sys file. (the author is not afraid of a lawsuit, the company's website published)

11, 0x00000050:page_fault_in_nonpaged+area

Error analysis: Problematic memory (including in-house memory, level two cache, video memory), incompatible software (mainly remote control and anti-virus software), corrupted NTFS volumes, and problematic hardware (such as the PCI card itself is corrupted) will cause this error.

◇ Solution: Please use the general solution described above to exclude memory, software, hardware, hard disk and other related scenarios.

12, 0x00000051:registry_error

Error Analysis: This stop code indicates that there was an error in the registry or System Configuration Manager because of physical damage to the hard disk itself or a problem with the file system, resulting in an input/output error while reading the registration file.

◇ Solution: Use "chkdsk/r" to check and repair disk errors.

13, 0x00000058:ftdisk_internal_error

Error Analysis: Indicates that there was an error in the master driver for the fault-tolerant set.

◇ Solution: First try to restart the computer to see if the problem can be resolved, if not, try "Last Known Good Configuration" to resolve.

14, 0x0000005e:critical_service_failed

Error analysis: A very important system service startup recognition is responsible.

◇ Solution: If a new hardware is installed after the new, you can remove the hardware, and through the online list to check whether it is compatible with Windows 2K/XP, then start the computer, if the blue screen still appears, use "Last Known Good Configuration" to start Windows, if this still fails, Repair installation or reload is recommended.

15, 0x0000006f:session3_initialization-failed

Error Analysis: This error usually occurs when Windows starts, typically caused by faulty drivers or corrupted system files.

◇ Solution: It is recommended that the system be repaired and installed using the Windows installation CD.

16, 0x00000076rocess_has_locked_pages

Error analysis: Usually because a driver does not properly release the occupied memory after one input/output operation has been completed

◇ Solution:

First step: Click Start-run: Regedt32, find [Hklmsystemcurrentcontrol setcontrolsession managermemory Management], new DWORD value on the right side " Tracklockedpages "with a value of 1. This will cause Windows to track which driver was the problem when the error recurs. Step two: If the blue screen appears again, the error message becomes: STOP:0X0000000CB (0XY,0XY,0XY,0XY) driver_left_locked_ Pages_in_process the fourth "0xY" is displayed as the name of the problem driver, which is then updated or deleted. Step three: Go to the registry and delete the added "Tracklockedpages".

17, 0x00000077:kernel_stack_inpage_error

Error Analysis: Indicates that the kernel data that needs to be used is not found in virtual memory or physical memory. This error often has a problem with the disk and the data is corrupted or infected by the virus.

◇ Solution: Using anti-virus software scanning system; Use the "chkdsk/r" command to check for and repair disk errors, and if not, use the disk vendor's tools to check for fixes.

18, 0x0000007a:kernel_data_inpage_error

Error Analysis: This error is often caused by kernel data in virtual memory that cannot be read into memory. This could be due to bad clusters, viruses, disk controller errors, and memory problems in the virtual memory paging file.

◇ Solution: First use upgrade to the latest virus database antivirus virus, if no information is also 0xc000009c or 0xc000016a code, then it is bad cluster caused, and the system's disk detection tool can not be automatically repaired, then go to "Recovery Console", with "Chkdsk /r "Command for manual repair.

19, 0x0000007b:inacessible_boot_device

Error Analysis: Windows cannot access the system partition or boot volume during startup. This usually occurs when the motherboard is first started, mainly because the new motherboard and the IDE controller of the old motherboard are caused by using different chipsets. It can sometimes be caused by a virus or hard disk damage.

◇ Solution: Generally just use the installation CD to start the computer, and then perform a repair installation to solve the problem. For viruses, you can use the DOS version of Anti-virus software for Avira (main battle has kv2005dos version download). If there is a problem with the hard disk itself, install it on a different computer, and then use "CHKDSK/R" to check for and repair the disk error.

20, 0x0000007e:system_thread_exception_not_handled

Error Analysis: The system process generated an error, but the Windows error handler could not be captured. There are many reasons for this, including: hardware compatibility, problematic drivers or system services, or some software.

◇ Solution: Use Event Viewer to get more information and find the source of the error. (The discovery seems not to solve oh, it seems everyone here to self-reliance!)

21, 0x0000007f:unexpected_kernel_moed_trap

Error analysis: Usually caused by faulty hardware (e.g., memory) or some software. Sometimes overclocking can also produce this error.

◇ Solution: Check the memory with detection software (e.g. Memtest86), if overclocking, please cancel overclocking. Unplug the PCI hardware card from the motherboard slot or replace the slot. In addition, some motherboards (such as: NForce2 motherboard) After overclocking, the South Bridge chip overheating will also lead to blue screen, at this time for the chip to add a separate heatsink often can effectively solve the problem.

22, 0x00000080:nmi_hardware_failure

Error analysis: Usually hardware-induced. (seems to have a blue screen with hardware errors)

◇ Solution: If you recently installed new hardware, remove it, then try to replace the slot and install the latest driver, if you upgrade the driver, please restore the original version; Check the memory gold finger for contamination and damage; Scan for viruses; Run "chkdsk/r" to check for and repair disk errors; Check that all hardware cards are plugged in. If none of the above attempts are effective, a professional computer repair company is required to ask for help.

23, 0x0000008e:kernel_mode_exception_not_handled

Error Analysis: The kernel-level application generated an error, but the Windows error processor was not captured. This is usually a hardware compatibility error.

◇ Solution: Upgrade the driver or upgrade the BIOS.

24, 0x0000009c:machine_check_exception

Error Analysis: This is usually caused by hardware. This is usually due to overclocking or hardware problems (memory, CPU, bus, power).

◇ Solution: If overclocking, blame on will be CPU original frequency, check the hardware.

25, 0x0000009friver_power_state_failure

Error analysis: often associated with power supplies, often occur in power-related operations, such as: shutdown, standby or sleep.

◇ Solution: Re-install the system, if not resolved, please replace the power supply.

26, 0x000000a5:acpi_bios_error

Error analysis: usually because the motherboard BIOS does not fully support the ACPI specification.

◇ Solution: If there is no corresponding BIOS upgrade, when you install Windows 2K/XP, when the "press F6 if you need to install a third-party SCSI or RAID driver" prompt, the F7 key is pressed , Windows automatically disables the installation of the ACPI HAL and installs the standard PC HAL.

27, 0x000000b4:video_driver_init_failure

Error Analysis: This Stop message indicates that Windows cannot enter the graphics interface because it cannot boot the graphics card driver. This is usually a problem with the graphics card, or there is a hardware conflict with the video card (for example, a conflict with a parallel or serial port).

◇ Solution: Enter Safe mode to see if the problem is resolved, if possible, upgrade the latest graphics driver, if not, it is likely that the video card and the parallel port conflict, need to press the Win+break key combination in Safe mode to open "System Properties" in the hardware-- In Device Manager, locate and double-click the item that connects to the printed LPT1 port, and in the Resources tab, deselect use automatic configuration, and then change the "03BC" of the input/output range to "0378".

28, 0x000000be:attempted_write_to_readonly_memory

Error Analysis: A driver attempted to write data to read-only memory. This is usually after installing a new driver, system service, or upgrading the device's firmware program.

◇ Solution: If you include a driver or service file name in the error message, use this information to uninstall or disable the newly installed driver or software.

29, 0x000000c2:bad_pool_caller

Error Analysis: A kernel-level process or driver incorrectly tries to enter memory operations. This is usually caused by the driver or the software that has the bug.

◇ Solution: Please refer to the general solution related items described earlier to exclude.

30, 0x000000ceriver_unloaded_without_cancelling_pending_operations

Error analysis: usually caused by a faulty driver or system service.

◇ Solution: Please refer to the general solution related items described earlier to exclude.

31, 0x000000d1river_irql_not_less_or_equal

Error analysis: usually caused by faulty drivers (such as Logitech MouseWare 9.10 and version 9.24 drivers that are the result of a device that causes this failure). At the same time, defective memory, corrupted virtual memory files, some software (such as multimedia software, anti-virus software, backup software, DVD player software), etc. can also cause this error.

◇ Solution: Check the latest installed or upgraded drivers (if "Acpi.sys" and other similar filenames appear in blue screen, can be very sure when the driver problem) and software; Test memory for problems; Go to "Recovery Console", go to the Virtual memory page file Pagefile.sys partition, execute "del pagefile.sys" command, delete the paging file; Then execute the "chkdsk/r" command on the partition where the paging file is located, and then reset the virtual memory after entering Windows. If you encounter this blue screen on the Internet, and you are doing a lot of data download and upload (such as: Online games, bt download), then it should be a network card driver problem, Need to upgrade their drivers.

32, 0x000000ea:thread_stuck_in_device_driver

Error analysis: usually caused by a video card or video driver.

◇ Solution: Upgrade the latest graphics driver first, if not, you need to replace the video card test failure is still occurring.

33, 0x000000ed:unmountable_boot_volume

Error analysis: Usually due to disk errors caused, sometimes it is recommended to check the hard disk connection is bad, or do not use the cable that conforms to the drive specifications, for example, ATA-100 still use the ATA-33 cable, it doesn't matter to low speed hard disk, but tell the hard disk (support ATA-66 above) The requirements of the more stringent, the specification of the wrong connection can sometimes cause this kind of failure to boot. If this error occurs frequently after a repair, it is likely a precursor to a hard disk failure.

◇ Solution: In general, restart will solve the problem, no matter how it is recommended to execute "chkdsk/r" command to check the repair of the hard disk

34, 0x000000f2:hardware) Interrupt_storm

Error Analysis: The kernel layer detects a system outage storm, such as: A device does not release the occupied

The interrupt. Usually this is caused by a defective driver.

◇ Solution: Upgrade or uninstall the latest installed hardware drivers.

35, 0x00000135:unable_to_locate_dll

Error analysis: Usually indicates that a file is missing or corrupted, or that there is an error in the registry.

◇ Solution: If the file is missing or corrupted, the corresponding file name is usually displayed in the blue screen information, you can find the corresponding file on the network or other computer, and copy it to the SYSTEM32 subfolder under the System folder. If the file name is not displayed, it is likely that the registry is corrupted, either by using a System Restore or a previous registry backup.

36, 0x0000021a:status_system_process_terminated

Error Analysis: The user-mode subsystem, such as Winlogon or customer service runtime subsystem (CSRSS), is corrupted, so security cannot be guaranteed and the system cannot start. Sometimes, when a system administrator incorrectly modifies user account permissions, it cannot access system files and folders.

◇ Solution: Using the Last Known Good configuration, if it is not valid, you can use the installation CD to repair the installation.

37. STOP 0xC0000221 or Status_image_checksum_mismatch

Error Analysis: This is usually caused by a corrupted driver or system DLL file. In general, a blue screen will appear

File name

◇ Solution:

(1) Use the Windows installation CD to repair the installation;

(2) If you can still enter Safe mode, you can "start and run": Sfc/scannow

(3) You can also use the Extract file method to resolve, go to the "Recovery Console", using the Copy or expand command to copy or extract the damaged files from the CD. However, the blue screen is generally a driver file problem, so the expand command will use some, such as: blue screen prompt Tdi.sys file, because the driver file is generally in the I386driver compressed package, so use: F:tdi.sys c:winntsystemdrivers. (XP for f:tdi.sys c:windownssystemdrivers)

38. If these blue screen stop codes appear at startup

If a blue screen appears in Windows startup with the error message in schedule One, then most of the hardware is faulty, use the diagnostic tools provided by your hardware vendor to determine if there is a problem with your hardware, and check with your website for the latest BIOS or firmware updates. If the hardware is not a problem, re-install Windows 2K/XP, if the same problem occurs, you can only ask for professional technical support

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