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People of different ages may have different feelings and ideas. Some people suddenly find themselves confused about their future and do not know what to do in the future. Some people want to go abroad with gold plating, improve their own quality, and lay a foundation for future promotions and high salaries. Bai Ling, a senior professional consultant in China, has his own opinions on this. She said that everyone should consider their "charging plan" and make a clear plan for their future career path.

I often hear people complain that they don't have time to read books and study. Bai Ling thinks that is an urgent and urgent issue and a sorting issue. If you have a clear career plan, you must have a clear charging plan. If you have no time to learn, you may not plan your career, so you have not mentioned the charging plan on the agenda.

Charging itself is part of the overall career development, and charging is only the path in the process of achieving your goals. In this process, charging plays a role in boosting the effort. In the past, some people used charging as a means of "Changing the Way". After the power was fully charged, they hoped that the whole life would change. Now it seems more and more difficult. It turns out that I could have learned an MBA, but it actually changed. It doesn't work now, so charging is still an improvement for yourself. According to her years of experience, 25 and 26 years old are regarded as a watershed. There are also three groups: 25-32 years old, 32-36 years old, and 36-45 years old.

Set the general direction Period

At the age of 25 and 26, I have been working for two or three years. I have basic experience and capabilities. Now I want to set the general direction and need a stage. If you give them a stage to do things at this time, they will first face a choice: Is this stage required? Do you need to select another industry? If this industry is not suitable for me, this job is not suitable for me. I am tired of it and will I change it immediately. So there are three years of itch. In actual work, when a company uses people, the 25-and 26-year-olds are often seen as heavy people, providing them with a career stage and a development opportunity. Between the ages of 25 and 32 is the accumulation stage. During this period, they should have performance. If they are successful, they should have the right to return (including monetary return ).

Basic quota

After the return, it is to solve the family problem and build a family. Some people will try to become "professionals" in this industry ". Therefore, Bai Ling thinks that when she was in her 30 s, she already had a basic career model. Some people have to start their business for the second time in this phase. Because we have accumulated capital and experience on the basis of the early stage.

So by the age of 36, there was also a big choice: Do you want to start a business. In addition, most people are already in a relatively high position, and they have a big choice: do they want to do management, or do they want to be experts? Now it's basically finalized. If I change my job again at the age of 36, it's really a bit ......

Since things have basically been finalized, are these people clear about their career plans? Bai Ling believes that different industries have different relative statuses. In a stable and relatively standardized industry, you may have a clear future for your career at this stage. For example, in the Internet industry, the development path is not very clear during the entrepreneurial period. They may not find their own position in this industry for a long time. At this time, many people may hesitate: Do you want to start a business, or do you want to change the industry?

Pursuing a stable period

In Bai Ling's opinion, after the 36-Year-Old career was finalized, most people in the age of 36-45 were seeking for stability, but more people were looking for it later. At this time, he will combine his own life goals and organizational goals, including those of the team, which is also a continuation of his professional life. Bai Ling thinks that they assume significant responsibilities in the enterprise or the role of an authoritative expert, and they are pursuing a steady and conscientious position in this position. Many successful figures in society come from this stage. In the future, he may develop himself along with the development of the enterprise. He may also open up a field, which industry associations he participates in, and engage in some public welfare undertakings, this also prolongs his professional life.

In the Internet industry, although some people become famous when they are young, this sometimes gives people a "misunderstanding ". Public Opinion Orientation makes many people think that young people should be like the IT elites. In fact, this road is also risky and difficult to go. They have things that ordinary people don't have. They only know how much they have suffered. This is related to that industry, but it is not a regular practice.

The most charging stage: 25-32 years old

Which stage needs charging the most in three phases? Bai Ling believes that the 25 and 26-32 years old are the most needed.

Bai Ling has always divided people's core competitiveness into four parts: knowledge, skills, experience (Vision), and psychological quality. In the university stage, we cultivate knowledge. If we combine our knowledge well, we may develop some skills. Charging at this stage is helpful for completing skills. At the age of 25, I have been in the community for two or three years. In the face of the stage for enterprises, they know what they lack and what they want. Therefore, they urgently need to charge and adjust themselves as needed. This stage is just like a sponge.

When I was in my 30 s, I was already in a very high position in the enterprise. I had to implement a bunch of ideas in my own business. At this time, I would make more contributions, instead of worrying about charging. That is to say, their main business is no longer learning, but more importantly, it is becoming more and more like this later.

Do I need to take off production when charging?

Bai Ling divided charging needs into two categories: internal and external power. If you want to figure out whether you need to take off-the-shelf charging, do you need to know whether you want to practice internal or external work?

If you are familiar with this industry at the beginning, you still need to know a lot about everything in this industry. In that case, there is no need to charge off-production. You can learn and practice and master the skills in practical applications. For example, if the charge is off-the-shelf, it must be that you have accumulated some time in the past, but you don't think you can reach a certain level in your consciousness, or the "crowd" around you didn't push you up, then you need to take off production. You need an environment for quiet thinking, which is called Internal Skill. In this way, you can finish learning from your own job. But Bai Ling thinks. Many people now need to practice external skills, and what they can see is not learned well yet.

Do you want to charge?

In fact, people at different stages may be confused: Do they need to charge? Bai Ling has met many customers who come to consult in this way. For example, if I want to get a diploma abroad, or if I want to study for an MBA in China, etc. Bai Ling will give different suggestions based on the age and interests of an individual, but the purpose is the same: to see what learning actually means for him, this kind of learning has no value for him.

There is such a girl who graduated from college, obtained seven certificates, and also reported an advertisement professional class. After listening to Bai Ling's lecture, she left the class. After Bai Ling evaluated her talents, she felt that her characteristics, temperament, and value orientation were not suitable for advertising. In addition, the age of the advertising industry is too small. She is now 26 years old, and she will go to the advertising industry two years later. She is too old. The most important thing is that it doesn't make sense for her. Her learning does not have a relationship with her career. Bai Ling suggested that she not study.

Another TV planner, 33 years old, is already very advanced. At that time, he asked Bai Ling if he would not go to the UK to study. After talking, he decided to go to the UK to study. Bai Ling thinks that what he brought to his studies in the UK is based on his current situation. At this stage, he not only needs skills, but also a vision. What's more important is the cross-international perspective. This field is a high-level and unique vision. At this time, it should be done by charging abroad.

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