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Mercury Router (wireless router) is a well-known brand of wireless routers, the use of a large number of users, with the wireless network, in recent years, the Mercury wireless router sales also increased dramatically, the following small series will introduce the Mercury wireless router settings method, the article in the MW150R wireless router as an example. If the router has been set before, please reset the router and follow the tutorial.

The way to reset the mercury router: Press the reset button for more than 5 seconds and release the button when the SYS indicator is flashing fast, the router will reboot, and the router will be successfully restored to the factory setting after the reboot.

First, the connection settings of the hardware device

1, establish LAN connection. Connect a router's LAN port with a network cable and a hub or switch in the LAN. You can also use a cable to connect the router directly to your computer network card.

2, the establishment of wide area network connection. Connect the router and xdsl/cable modem or Ethernet with a network cable.

3, connect the power supply. Connect the power supply and the router will start itself.

Second, set up a network connection

1, the computer IP address settings.

2, testing and connectivity to the router.

In the Windows XP environment, click Start-Run, enter the "cmd" command in the running window that appears, return or click OK to enter the interface shown in the image below.

Input command: Ping, enter.

If the screen appears as:

The computer has successfully established a connection with the router.

If the screen appears as:

This indicates that the device is not yet installed, please check the following order:

A is the hardware connection correct?

The LAN status LED (1/2/3/4) for the LAN port on the device panel and the network card light on your computer must be lit.

b is the IP address of the device the default value

If you are unsure whether the device is the default IP address, you can restore the device to factory default settings by following the Reset method described in section 2.2.

C Does your computer have the correct TCP/IP settings?

If the device has an IP address of, then when you manually configure the computer IP address, you must be 192.168.1.x (x is any integer between 2 and 254).

Third, mercury wireless router settings

Open IE Browser program, enter "" in the Address bar, return confirmation you will see the following image of the login interface, in the Login dialog box to lose the username and password (factory settings by default are "Admin"), click "OK" button.

If the name and password are correct, the browser will display an administrator-mode screen and a setup wizard will appear (if it does not pop, you can activate it by clicking the Setup Wizard in the left menu of the Administrator mode screen).

Click Next to enter the online selection page. The page shows the three most popular ways to surf the web, and you can choose from your own situation, and then click Next.

A. Let the router automatically choose the way to surf the internet (recommended)

If you do not know your type of Internet, please choose to let the router automatically choose the way to access the Internet, the router will automatically determine your type of Internet, and then jump to the corresponding online settings page. To ensure that your router can accurately determine your type of Internet connection, make sure your router is properly connected.

This example shows the general home broadband users of the use of PPPoE Internet access mode, click "Next" after the following screen appears. Fill in the broadband username and password provided to us by the ISP.

When you click Next, the Wireless settings interface appears.

Wireless status: Turn on or off the wireless function of the router

SSID: Set any string to identify a wireless network

Channel: Set the wireless signal frequency band of the router, recommend selecting automatic

Turn off wireless security: Turn off wireless security by not encrypting the wireless network of the router, when everyone else can join the wireless network.

WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK: Router wireless network encryption, if selected, please enter a password in the PSK password, the password requires 8-63 ASCII characters or 8-64 16 characters.

Do not modify wireless security settings: Select this option to keep the last set of parameters in the wireless security options. If you have never changed your wireless security settings, you will leave the factory default setting to turn off wireless security when you select the item.

When you click Next, the Setup Wizard finishes the interface. Click "Reboot" to complete the router setup.

Click the "Run Status" on the left menu when the reboot is complete, as shown below

To view the status of the WAN port, if the IP address is displayed as not "", our router is connected to the Internet, and the WAN traffic shows the number of packets received and sent by the current router. Here our router Setup is complete.

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