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-- The major role of small and medium-sized meta tags in HTML documents
Meta is used to simulate HTTP response header packets in HTML documents. Meta tags are used in Online robots automatically search for meta values to classify webpages ). The most important of these are description and keywords. Therefore, you should add a meta value to each page. The following are commonly used:
Name attribute

1. <meta name = "Generator" contect = ""> describes generation tools (such as Microsoft FrontPage 4.0;
2. <meta name = "KEYWords" contect = ""> describe KEYWords of your webpage to search engines;
3. <meta name = "DEscription" contect = ""> tell the search engine the main content of your site;
4. <meta name = "Author" contect = "your name"> tell the search engine the creator of your site;
5. <meta name = "Robots" contect =
"All | none | index | noindex | follow | nofollow">
The attributes are described as follows:
Set to all: the file will be retrieved, and the link on the page can be queried;
Set to none: files will not be retrieved, and links on the page cannot be queried;
Set to index: the file will be retrieved;
Set to follow: Links on the page can be queried;
Set to noindex: the file will not be retrieved, but the link on the page can be queried;
Set to nofollow: files will not be retrieved, and links on the page can be queried.
Http-equiv attributes
1. <meta http-equiv = "Content-Type" contect = "text/html"; charset = gb_2312-80 ">
And <meta http-equiv = "Content-Language" contect = "zh-CN"> to describe the text and Language used by the homepage;
Also such as English is the ISO-8859-1 character set, there are BIG5, UTF-8, shift-Jis, Euc, Koi8-2 and other character sets;
2. <meta http-equiv = "Refresh" contect = "n; url = http: // yourlink"> regularly redirect a webpage to http within the specified time; // yourlink;
3. <meta http-equiv = "Expires" contect = "Mon, 12 May 2001 00:20:00 GMT"> You can set the expiration time of a webpage, once it expires, it must be called again on the server. Note that the GMT time format must be used;
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