Micro-letter 5.2 for iphone new features: Picture wall, voice turn text

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After a hot debate on the Android design version, which has not yet been officially released, the 5.2 the IPhone version of the micro-letter 5.2 has just been online, the new version of the micro-letter in the function and we previously exposed the same information, long by voice message, can be converted to text to read, updated the "My bank card" UI interface, Being in a group chat and getting a reminder ... The following one by one examines these new features.

1. You can view the real time position in the chat, also can speak together

In all of us to go home for the new year when the mouth launched this function, said the occasion. Now can think of the use of this feature scenario is that small partners have to leave on the way back, the middle is not to worry about, like the usual friends at night after the party to their own home, than in the group said "I am home", this one can see the current location of friends in real-time location sharing is more reassuring.

In addition, in the real time share the location, the friend can also say, this to go out to play, need to explain the whereabouts of the friend, said is the big kill device.

Another bold imagination, next, the micro-letter will not be in the shared location function, on the basis of increasing the route planning function to facilitate small partners to meet it?

2. "My bank card" adds a number of life services

Also in the "My Bank card" interface, the arrangement of services has changed from list to nine--a change that in my understanding, the micro-letter to the information flow related functions are unified into a list, and the service class function is unified into the icon + text to spread out, such as the service number, subscription number processing, as well as the current "my bank card."

Under the new interface, the payment scenario is nothing compared to the original, still include "mobile phone recharge", "financial management", "tick-tock Taxi", "movie Tickets", "Selected goods" and other seven entrances, it is understood that micro-letter will also be based on this further increase in other products and functions.

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