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《Programming Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0" ( Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Programming ) By Sonoma partners Organized by the company, this company can be said to be engaged in Microsoft CRM Earliest partners ( Starting from CRM 1.0 pre-release beta) , The company was founded in 2001 Located in Chicago, USA. In Crm3.0 Period, Sonoma partners( By Mike Snyder and Jim Steger The company has compiled the first article CRM Books 《 Working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 And has won wide acclaim in the industry. CRM 4.0 After coming out, they will launch 《 Working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 . These two books focus on the technical aspect.ProgramThere are not many introductions to the design. In 2008 Year 9 Month, Sonomapartners The company launched another suitable CRM Users' books 《 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 step by stepIs an entry-level book for end users.

What I want to introduce today isSonomapartnersCompany in2008Year10The new 《Programming Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, This IsCRMThe publishing of third-party Books launched by developers has also begun. This document introducesCRMAll aspects of development, mainly divided into three parts,Total15Chapter: 

Part 1: Overview

1.Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 SDKOverview-IntroductionCRM SDKAnd FAQs.CRMIs the concept of a business application platform. 

2.Development Environment and overview-CRMSystem Overview, hardware requirements, development environment considerations, test environment considerations, data migration, redeployment, development tools, and additional development considerations. 

3.AndCRM APICommunication-CRM APIOverview, useVisual Studio 2008AccessAPI, UseCrmservice Web Service, UseMetadataservice Web Service, UseCrmdiscoveryservice Web Service, ConnectionCrm ifd/offline/online.


Part 2: ScalingMicrosoft CRM

4. Security - role-based and object (Object-based) impersonation) use the SDK to perform security-related operations, direct use SQL access CRM , CRM data encryption.

5. plug-in (plug-ins) - write your first plug-in , event processing channel, ipluginexecutioncontext Interface Details, user simulation, exception capture, deployment / debugging / unit test plug-in , for example, Code .

6. workflow and its limitations, introduction to Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF) , create / deployment / test / debugging CRM workflow , CRM workflow attributes/Context/entity image explanation.

7.Form script(Scripting)-Form script overview,ScriptCallWeb Service, UseScriptCallCrm api soapRequest, test, and deploy,IsV. configButtonScript, Advanced topic (Form type, Cross-Site Script, script verification, reference external script ),ScriptSample Code. 

8.Metadata ServiceDevelopment-ConnectMetadataservice, Get metadata(Metadata), Remote customization, cache metadata, and exception capture.


Part 3: advanced topics

9.Deployment-General deployment steps: DeploymentCRMComponents, Offline Application Deployment, test policy, additional deployment considerations, examples. 

10.Offline Development(Offline)Program-Overview, offline development environment, offline guidance, andCrm sdk api offlineCommunication, offline scripts,IFRAME/plug-inOffline development considerations.

11. Multilingual(Multilingual) Multi-currency(Multi-currency) Program - Multilingual /Multi-currency program development.
12. Advanced Workflow(Workflow) Programming - Customization Workflow Management tools, Workflow Entity, notification Workflow (Declarative workflow) Design.
13. ImitationCRM InterfaceASP. NET Development - This article focuses on CRM Integrated ASP. NET (IFRAME, dialog, page etc .)Program Design, allowing users to have and use CRM Same user experience.
14. Developed and customizedCRM Widget(CRM controls) - Control development overview and development Crmpicklistcontrol/crmbooleancontrol/crmdatetimecontrol/crmentitypicklistcontrol/crmgridviewcontrol .
15. More examples and tools - Practical tools, custom tools, additional form script examples, field-based security.

The target audience of this book isCRM developer, The book introducesDynamics CRMMost of the technologies developed, and provides a large number of code examples, can also be combinedSDKIt is a good reference manual for developers.

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