Microsoft Office continues to dominate the global Office software market

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According to a survey of 155 consumers on their choice of office software, the market research firm Forrester released a report showing that Microsoft's Office series has an overwhelming dominance in the Global Office software market.

Microsoft Office 2010 occupies 85% of the enterprise-level share. Meanwhile, the market share of Microsoft's 2013 is rising as more Windows 8 computers are deployed.

Microsoft has also done a lot for office on a variety of platforms. They recently released iOS and Android versions of Office. The effort also helped Microsoft reap some rewards. The report also shows open source Office platform, OpenOffice and LibreOffice, for example, have not been able to persuade enterprise-level organizations to adopt their solutions. The Cloud based Google Docs is less popular than the Office series, and some of its users are planning to go to Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft has previously released data that they already have 2 million Office 365 subscribers, bringing them a revenue of 1.5 billion dollars.

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