Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Disassembly

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Although sales of the first-generation surface tablet were not as satisfactory, Microsoft did not abandon its plan to compete for the tablet market and formally launched Surface 2 and surface Pro 2 in the previous period. As a high-end model in the surface product line, Surface Pro 2 is equipped with the full version of the Windows 8.1 operating system, which is strictly called a super-book with a tablet shape.

To find out what components were used in Surface Pro 2 and to test their repair difficulty, ifixit recently disassembled Surface Pro 2. From the results of the disassembly, the ifixit to Surface Pro 2 was rated at only 1 points (out of 10) and is one of the most difficult devices to disassemble and repair. Ifixit found that in order to put a traditional notebook computer should be all the parts into a very limited internal space magnesium alloy shell, including the screen and batteries, many important parts are used in the adhesive fixed way, in addition to the fuselage also used up to 90 different screws, disassembly is very difficult.

It is worth mentioning that the screen glass of Surface Pro 2 is integrated with the LCD, which means that the screen glass and LCD will need to be replaced if the screen is damaged. In addition, while the SSD in surface Pro 2 is replaceable, ifixit says the ifixit does not recommend that users do their own disassembly by simply accidentally breaking the dense wire inside the fuselage during disassembly. However, time-consuming and laborious disassembly is not meaningless, at least to give a clearer understanding of the internal structure of surface Pro 2 and the individual components.

Red section: SK Hynix H27QEGDVEBLR 32GB NAND Flash module (four total 128GB)

Orange part: SK Hynix h5ps2g63jmr 32MB DDR2 SDRAM

Yellow section: Link A Media LM8700AA SSD Controller

Red section: SK Hynix h9ccnnn8jtml 1GB Mobile platform dedicated DDR2 RAM (four total 4GB)

Orange part: Atmel mxt154e touch Screen Controller

Yellow part: 256KB memory Atmel uc256l3u 32-bit AVR microcontroller

Green section: Winbond 25x40cl1g serial Flash

Blue part: Parade PS6625

Purple section: Realtek ALC3230 Audio Codec

Black part: Atmel u1320j

Red part: Realtek RTS5304

Orange part: Mxic mx25l4006ezni SPI Flash

Yellow part: Novatek NT96132QG

Green section: Texas Instruments TPS5162 (ACTIVE) 2-phase dcap+ Buck Controller

Blue section: ITE IT8528VG

Purple section: Texas Instruments TPS51367 Integrated FET Converter

Red section: Intel Core I5-4200U Processor

Orange part: Mxic mx25l4006ezni SPI Flash

Yellow part: Marvell avastar 88w8797 2x2 integrated WLAN/BLUETOOTH/FM control chip

Green section: Winbond 25q128fvsq serial Flash

Blue section: Texas Instruments TPS5162 (ACTIVE) 2-phase dcap+ Buck Controller

Purple part: Winbond 25x05cl serial Flash

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