Microsoft Intern interview (II.)

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Foreword: This is a formal intern interview, because Suzhou is a bit far away, so the Skype remote interview 1. One side

10 minutes in advance into Skype and other interviewers, did not expect the interviewer came in early, and is a sister.
A come up or self-introduction, talked about the next project, and then into the business, programming, this is in the Skype itself with the whiteboard to write code, Collabedit at least have the keyword color, whiteboard nothing.

The topic is also very conventional, ask for the smallest number of k, because I have seen before, I used to sort the heap, the smallest number of k with a large top heap, the top is the smallest number of k, and then each time and the number of the top of the heap compared, if the top of the heap than the small, exchange, and then adjust the heap

Skype several times off the line heavy even, sister said again off suspicion I cheated, but really is the network problem ah, baby also can't

Finish thinking after let me write the code directly, well, slowly wrote about 10 minutes, after the sister and let me talk about the next train of thought. The code is not posted, the Internet has 2. Two sides

After the end, the sister told me not to leave, immediately the next interviewer will come in. Not long after the interviewer came in two, he began to read my resume to himself, thinking that he would routinely ask the project, never thought that even self-introduction did not directly write code, this brother has style

The title is this, the first sequence of binary tree traversal, without recursion without the stack, only with the loop, but the node has a pointer to the parent node, after listening to the topic after the heart is still some panic.

Then on the draft paper to start gestures, write the code, the interviewer pointed out a few bugs, then the improvement, finally made, but I feel still write a bit slow, but finally the interviewer let me into the three side (Microsoft side two regardless of whether or not pass will have, the three sides will see performance, and Microsoft has no HR side, On the technical side of the rounds)

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