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Microsoft's recent open positions:

Is you looking for a big challenge? Know why Big Data are the next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity? Come Join us to build infrastructure and services to turn Petabytes by data into metrics and actionable insights that Impa CT millions of customers!

Bing is a high powered startup inside of Microsoft, working on technology and products that's critical to our company ' s Success and at the heart of the customer experience of the Internet. Data mining powers all decision making on Bing to improve relevance, performance, user experience and business. You'll be part of a very strong and fun team, conducting development, analysis, and experiments, building very large SCA Le data infrastructure, developing advanced and practical data mining, machine learning, statistics, and measurement techn Iques for solving the hottest and most challenging problems in the world and generating real impact. Here, you had the right environment and strong support to drive your favorite features to solution. You is empowered to influence millions of end users and impacting the Microsoft Online business. You'll have opportunities to work together with world class   developers and researchers to stay in the forefront O F Advancing Technologies, such as big data, data mining, data processing platform, metrics, BI, online experimentation, statistics, cloud computing, SE Arch, ads, and social networks.

Job Responsibilities:

? Architectural design and development of a large scale and highly efficient metadata driven metrics & reporting System To model and measure user behaviors, feature performance, and business goals.

? Work closely with feature/business/leadership team to design insightful metrics and use them to make positive impacts on t He products and customers.

? Provide vision, strategy, and technical leadership to other team members.

? Build and grow talent in these areas.


? Outstanding analytical and problem solving skills.

? Extensive software design and development skills/experience with a track record of shipping multiple releases (minimum 3 y Ears, Preferred:5 years+).

? Expert knowledge in. NET, C #, C + +, SQL, and Windows

? Extensive knowledge and experience in on least one of the following Areas:data mining, web Mining, machine learning, stat Istics, Business Intelligence/customer Intelligence, user modeling, information retrieval, databases, data warehousing, O LAP, data Processing (ETL), e-metrics/measurement, Parallel and distributed computation (both or more areas is preferred).

? Superior communication skills, both verbal and written.

? Years of people management experience preferred.

? Bachelor degree in computer science or a related field is required. Master's or Ph.D. in Data Mining/machine learning/statistics/databases or a related field is preferred.

Microsoft is an equal opportunity employer and supports workforce diversity.

If you want to try this position, please contact me, I am an employee of Microsoft, can do internal recommendation. Send your resume in Chinese and English to my e-mail: (at)

Microsoft Post Internal recommendation-software Engineer Ii-data Mining

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