Microsoft released a free chart control for the. NET platform [reprinted]

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This control supports multiple types of charts (2D and 3D), such as pie chart, bar chart, curve chart, scatter chart, radar chart, area chart, and stock chart. It also supports winform and

Unfortunately, Microsoft only released the. NET Framework 3.5 version, but not for. NET Framework 2.0.

According to informed sources revealed that the control was acquired by Microsoft, from the,for. NET 2.0 version, but to money, despise Ms.



After acquiring Dundas, an excellent chart component company, Microsoft has released a very powerful and completely free chart component,

The name is Microsoft chart controls for Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5 」.

In the past, drawing charts in ASP. Net or Windows form may have to spend money on components of other companies, or write code by using Microsoft's drawing function library.

But nowThisComponents, and Microsoft provides free downloadHundredsOff-the-shelf examples (packaged into a single project), free technical documents, allowing your projects and reports,

Easily apply a variety of powerful 2D, 3D, and real-time dynamic chartsAndThrough Ajax, charts and data in charts can be updated continuously every second.;

Users can interact with charts through browsers. This chart component can be set for ASP. NET and Windows formS Program, And allows the program developers to be customized completely according to the project requirements.

HoweverThis set of componentsOnly in the next-generation. Net 3.5 SP1/Vs 2008 SP1Use.You only need to downloadThe fifth post below this postLinkDirectly use vs 2008 to open the website,

You can see the off-the-shelf dazzling chart examples.

This new generation of chart components has been integrated into SQL Server 2008's new generation of Reporting Services report software [1].

(1) Microsoft chart controls for Microsoft. net Framework 3.5:
contains ASP. net and Windows form S core installer of the Chart Control

(2) Microsoft chart controls for Microsoft. net Framework 3.5 language kit:

(3) microsoft chart controls add-on for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008: Familyid = 1d69ce13-e1e5-4315-825c-f14d33a303e9 & displaylang = EN
after installation, it can be effectively integrated with vs 2008 and support ASP.. NET and Windows Forms intelliisense functions

(4) Microsoft chart controls. net Framework documentation:
documentation and API English files of chart controls (in chm format)

(5) samples environment for Microsoft chart controls:
More than 200 examples are provided. You can use vs 2008 to directly open the website and execute it. You must download and play it.

(6) Windows Forms-ASP.NET chart control. NET development msdn forums:

Figure 1 supports 3D effects and can interact with users

Figure 2 supports Ajax and callbacks programming and special effects. The charts and data in the charts can be automatically updated continuously.

Other features of chart controls:

  • You can right-click an image in a browser or report to save it as an image..
  • Users can directly use the mouse in the browser to set the format (3D or 2D) to display the chart..
  • Using Ajax technology, users can dynamically display related prompts, additional data, or information when clicking or clicking on a chart..
  • With Ajax technology, charts and data in charts can be updated continuously every second..
  • It also has built-in charts for finance and specific fields. Ready-made templates can be directly applied to projects..



[1] Microsoft acquires Dundas Technology for SQL Server 2008:

[2] -Microsoft chart controls. net Framework 3.5:

[3] Introduction to easy-to-use components: Microsoft chart controls for. Net 3.5:





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