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Using Script encoders

The script encoder encodes only the script code, and the other contents of the file are not moved and are displayed in plain text. To use the Scripting Encoder, develop and debug the text in the usual way, and then use the utility to encode the final script. The script encoder uses tags in the source code to identify where the encoding begins.
For Visual basic®scripting Edition (VBScript), the following example shows how to use a coded tag to display the copyright information for normal text:

<script language= "VBScript" >
' copyright©1998. XYZ Productions. All rights reserved.
' * * Start coding * *
' Put your code here.

In jscript®, the encoding tag is as follows:

<script language= "JScript" >
copyright©1998. ZYX Productions. All rights reserved.
* * Start Coding * *
Put your code here.

When the script encoder is invoked, the contents of the script block remain unchanged before the start tag, while the other content is encoded. Therefore, if the start tag is omitted, all content within the script encoding block is encoded, but if the start tag is at the end of the script encoding block, no content is encoded.
After the code has occurred. You should know that the language indicator in the <SCRIPT> tag has changed. For VBScript, the new indicator is as follows:

<script language= "Vbscript.encode" >

For JScript (or JavaScript), the new indicator is as follows:
<script language= "Jscript.encode" >

The script encoder is called in the MS-DOS command line or the Run dialog box shown below:
Srcenc [Switches] Inputfile outputfile

The syntax for the utility is explained in the script encoder syntax.

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